The Back O’ Bourke: Australian slang phrase used to describe something as being very remote, in the middle of nowhere. Originates from Bourke being a ridiculously remote town.

Well, guess where your favourite lock is moving to! I got the call today (well, yesterday now) from the Department of Education, saying that a job had come up there as an English/History teacher, and I was the person lucky enough to be pulled out of the barrel. Essentially, I am now kinda stuck with it for a couple of reasons:

a) I have a contract which says I must go where ever they send me for three years

b) When choosing places on the form for my contract, I was stupid enough to tick the ‘Bourke’ box. Not sure why. Am now slapping myself completely stupid over it.


So, while I am trying to be optimistic about it, my family keep insisting on telling me the following:

1. Snakes! Snakes in the house, snakes everywhere! While I don’t have a huge fear of snakes, I don’t want to come home to them. Especially in my bedroom. *shudders*

2. High crime rate. The shop windows are all barred, there are 40 police officers in a 4000 person town, break ins are a frequent occurrence, and I shouldn’t expect to keep my new car (which I will need – my current one has no air conditioning) for too long. Also strongly advised against going out anywhere alone, and definitely not after dark. Oh goodie.

I also found through my own research:


3. Fricking hot weather. For a girl who prefers the snow, summer temperatures of 45-50 degrees are horrible sounding. On the plus side, I do believe I get paid a little extra for putting up with the heat.

4. No shopping to be had. I can count on paying through the nose for groceries and petrol! Anything decent (like nice clothes) involves a five hour trip. Also get paid a little extra for being nowhere.

5. Internet is also ludicrously expensive, with my current plan costing upwards of $100 a month out there. Jinkies!


On the plus side:

1. Rent is very affordable. Average rental is between $120 – $180 a week. Nothing much that is more expensive than that. Huzzah!

2. Should be an experience

3. Being a shut in means more WoW time?

4. There is a picture of somewhere which doesn’t look all red and dusty! Yay! There’s water, and grass, and green things!


All pictures courtesy of . WoW post coming sometime soon. I hope. :-P

2 Responses to “The Back O’ Bourke”
  1. Oh wow your gonna be a teacher? Nice! Might i ask what grade? And aslo by 45-50 degress do you mean fahrenheit or celsius…cuz if you mean fahrenheit thats is pretty cold…like 2C cold. And if you mean celcius that is pretty hot, like 113, half of boiling…

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  2. I’ll be teaching high school (so 7 – 12) English and History. The temps are in celsius, so yep, it gets pretty darn hot out there!

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