We all knew it was coming. I hinted at it the other day. Well, it’s time…

QQ Festival!

That’s right, your beloved purveyor of all that is evil, corrupter of all that is holy, is going to indulge in the largest complaint fest to ever adorn these pages. Of course, you should all have an idea what it is about:


Warlocks all over are complaining vigorously about the nerfs that we have suffered. Warlock damage appears to be down across the board, with Destruction PvE locks being hit particularly hard. Horns has written an excellent commentary on the effects the patch had on PvP locks, and I am going to take a look at locks from a PvE perspective.

1. Conflagrate and Backdraft.

I have decided to eliminate Conflag from my rotation. The GCD on Conflag was still eating up DPS, despite the increased speed of your next three casts. I also found it messes with your spell rotation, and is just all in all difficult to manage. So far with testing I have found this to be more effective, but I have not had much of a chance to test this in a raid environment unfortunately. Not casting Conflag meant no points in Backdraft.

2. Empowered Imp

Yes, Empowered Imp is lovely. Unfortunately, the imp is still very fragile, and requires a lot of monitoring. Also, either my game was being buggy (a mod screwing up, perhaps?) or you can’t phase shift your pet in combat. That makes the imp and the talent senseless on fights like High Warlord Najentus, where everyone takes damage. My imp was toast in about 5 seconds. When I rely on him so heavily for my own DPS, it’s frustrating to have him die.

3. Shadow Bolt

Is now completely useless. Shadow Bolt, you are dead to me. I refuse to waste points in a nerfed ISB, and my Incinerates hit for more than my SB’s. SB’s may only be cast when I get an instant (when I bother to Glyph for it).

I really don’t mind having a spell rotation. I have said it before, I will say it again: Shadow Bolt spam was boring. Boring as all hell. I do object to no longer being a viable choice in raid groups. ‘Sorry, we have our one token Healthstone lock. Have fun!’

I will admit, I have seen people report significant damage increases. For the most part, these people had the following pre-patch:

a) 0/21/40 spec without the crit to effectively support it.

b) An Affliction spec

c) No raid experience past Kara or Gruul’s and Mags.

d) A lower DPS spell rotation

There is nothing wrong with that, by the way (well, except for maybe point a. That is bad). However, the single target damage that I now have is not the same as what it was. Why has everyone else gone up when I have gone down? What am I doing wrong? Heck, what is the community at large doing wrong? People in T6 gear are saying they achieved 1.7k DPS, 2k on boss fights. I could hit 2k DPS on boss fights pre-patch in my much lesser gear. I would see this as a drop.

Commenting policy

This post will probably need a reminder of my commenting policy. Feel free to state your opinion of the ideas and information in this post, and in comments. However, comments which are rude, insulting or hurtful to myself or another commenter can and will be deleted. Likewise, epeen stroking is generally frowned upon. You have a spec or rotation that works? Excellent, please feel free to share! However, do not seize upon that as an opportunity to put down other people.

14 Responses to “QQ…. QQ….QQQQQQQQQQQ!”
  1. I totally agree with your post, any lock that says their dps has gone up clearly wasn’t raiding high enough content or simply wasn’t raiding at all. In my eyes, it would have been more acceptable to nerf us DURING the expansion, not while we’re still raiding old content that we used to do upwards of 1500+ dps on.

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  2. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it by now but remember that the new talents are balanced around being level 80. At level 70 it’s only natural that there are some classes rocketing in dps (see ret pallies) and some that are suffering a lack of it (see locks). I’m fairly sure that come the expansion things will look far more settled to everyone.

    It’s also quite difficult for casters (I’m a mage btw) to maintain the damage output levels of melee classes atm due simply to the fact that mobs are dieing too quickly with the damage nerf. By the time we’ve cast a couple of spells and got our debuffs working, the boss is dead!

    Example…we ran AQ40 for kicks last night. Happily, as we’re now utterly OP for it we could pull and AOE everything at once. This meant that I, in a mixture of t5/6 gear could Blizzard away all night long putting me at the top of the damage meters. In second place, considerably ahead of everyone else and not all that far behind me was a Retadin. In t4. So yeah, atm things appear broken, but just hold on in there for the expansion. :)

    Cassinis last blog post..My poor little rogue

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  3. I am very curious to see comments here. My SO is a warlock, destruction, and she’s pretty much said she’s switching mains because she feels destruction is broken now. Just to show you how dire the changes are, she went from being top DPS in my guild to being far outdamaged by me, the MT. Something can’t be right, because this is not skill-based, she’s extremely skilled.

    Kadomis last blog post..Still alive!

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  4. I am with you. Why did they buff every other class and nerf Warlocks? It is absolute crap. I think the biggest problem is the abilities they gave us dont scale well at 70. I think once we hit 80, it will be much better, but it sucks being gimped so hard.

    Darraxuss last blog post..Raiding is now trivial

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  5. One build that works well if you are trying to find something relativly close to the old shadowbolt spamming build is 0/40/21 Succubus/Devastation. You now get a very nice +15% crit to your Shadow Bolt, Lash of Pain no longer consumes ISB procs so you can invest a few points there to improve your Succubus dps and remember to grab Master Conjurer and buff your MH weapon with the new and improved Firestone.

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  6. I fit two of your criteria and definitely noticed an “out of the patch” DPS increase to the tune of about 100 DPS. I am affliction, and I am a raiding youngin’. I think the aff tree got some very nice buffs. Sad to hear destro didn’t fair as well. It’d be real nice to have all three trees end up being “end game” viable. From all I’ve heard, it appears that affliction may have swapped (or at least gained ground) with destro “end game” wise. Maybe, maybe not. It is this warlock’s hope for less nerfing, more buffing, as I’d rather see us all get buffed :-). Evil should always do more damage!

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  7. Lol at the reference to dude wheres my car…i mean damage!I have to agree with you though.Right now warlocks are at a DPS at 70(not at 80, we are top at 80 w/ affli). its just like last transition to an Expac as every1 has been saying(i cannot put my vote into this as i was around lv 50 at that time so i had no idea on raiding).

    Blizz has said that, and i quote, “Your class will feel like it was nerfed and the seven others were buffed immensly.” SO yeah, we suck at 70 but are still top dps at 80. Still we are nerfed at 70 but we just need to wait 3 weeks and two days until the Expac and we can once again be up there in DPS. And im not trying to be rude when i say this but as a demonology warlocks i am no 1, 2 or 3 on DPS w/ all of my pugs and some of them even for T6 stuff(yes its that easy now that ppl put groups for em.) Ill post my spec if any1 wants 2 look at it =).

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  8. I agree that the GCD on Conflag eats DPS with a more complicated fire rotation. As I posted on my blog, I was only pushing about 1090 DPS with a Chaos Bolt spec that included Backdraft and Molten Core. Once I elimintaed Corruption (for MC procs) and Conflag, my DPS jumped about 250.

    I’m still thinking the conflag spec might work out better at 80 when we get 10 other points to help us out. We’ll see, I suppose.

    Like you, I don’t miss spamming Shadowbolts at all.

    Abigores last blog post..How Diplomatic.

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  9. Damage will be fine eventually, either with scaling at 80 or with a couple of patches. As a pure DPS class, it won’t take long until our damage is improved, even if it’s lower than that of hunters, rogues and mages; as long as it’s higher than the rest of the classes, we’ll be fine.

    As you might of noticed from my post, I’m more worried about other things which are less likely to be changed until the 3rd xpac, yet should of been long time ago.

    Hornss last blog post..Warlocks in 3.0 and Beyond

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  10. My main is a T6 hunter but my alt is a pretty highly geared SSC/BT lock. I levelled affliction because I had heard that it was better for levelling and I stayed that way for most of the time at 70. Eventually when his gear was good enough I respecced Destro because I was sick to death of the gimped dps of affliction. I wanted to see the bang, bang of destro! As it was my lock was honoured with Scale of the Sands even before being friendly with CoT and having a Kara key. I was excited for this patch because it meant that the afflic tree would be buffed and I could switch back while I was still competent at afflic play.

    So far this has been less than successful. Sure, the damage has improved in afflic and it makes farming/questing easier but in raids/dungeons it is not so good. My therory at this stage is that it is not so much the nerfing of locks damage but the massive increases in other classes.

    One of the main reasons I rolled a lock was for the AoE damage potential as opposed to the hunter single target dps. Well I took my hunter to SSC this week and was pretty much top of the damage through the waves. And while this is nice it is almost embarassing. :-) SSA waves should be owned by locks/mages. Now you need to compete with hunters for the damage. the same amount of damage requireed to kill mobs, just split more ways.

    The other problem with this huge increase in dps is that mobs die so damn quick. Heroics are pointless, I would no sooner get a dot up than the target was dead. I even tried SB but the cast time meant I was lucky to get a hit in and I sure as hell don’t want to have to resort to shadowburn. Kara is pretty similar with bosses dying so fast that dots don’t get the time. The speed at which dps drops bosses is amazing. None of the first 4 in MH or BT take longer than 3-4 min. God, Shade didn’t even last 2 mins. lol

    Anyway I suspect that as we move towards 80 it will change but as it stands it is not a fun time to be evil.



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  11. Warlocks rejoice…

    Quote from: Ghostcrawler (http://blue.mmo-champion.com/9/11676578001-upcoming-warlock-dps-changes.html)

    “We have finished a fairly comprehensive look at the dps of various classes and specs and are concerned that warlock dps isn’t quite where it should be. It’s not abysmal by any means, but we think it should be a little higher.

    To give warlocks a little extra nudge in PvP, we increased Soul Link up to 20% from 15%. You may already have this change.

    In PvE, overall, we just think a lot of classes benefitted from getting the warlock buffs a little more than the locks benefited from getting everyone else’s buffs. So we decided to just buff lock damage across the board (which will also help in PvP somewhat). Rather than change damage and coefficients of a lot of different ranks of spells, we just inflated talents that we were almost certain you’d already have. Shadow Mastery, Demonic Tactics and Emberstorm were all increased by 1% per rank for 5% total.

    Let us know how that feels. The changes should go live before Nov 13.”

    Cassinis last blog post..My poor little rogue

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  12. First things first, I was ecstatic to see my wee lil blog does not attract the same sort of nonsense as the forums. Whoo hoo! <3 you guys.

    @Horns: There will always be things which are just not well done with the Warlock class unfortunately. Should it be like this? Heck no! I have just accepted it and try to deal with it, hoping it will improve (except for the massive explosions of QQ like this). On the plus side, at least Spellstones and Firestones are FINALLY useful! Pet scaling is still abysmal (although I didn’t want to go into too much depth with that, I did a fairly lengthy rant post on that not long ago), and Glyphs still suck horribly. Soulshards will always be a thorn in the side of Warlocks – Why can’t they stack gosh darn it? Why can’t Drain Soul not suck completely? *shrugs*

    @Most everyone else ;), I agree that things will scale better at 80. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any easier for Warlocks at the moment who want to see the last of the content and ARE turned away from groups.

    @Cassini, I just spotted that on MMO Champion myself, and think it even deserves a post. Thanks for pointing that out!

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  13. drain soul doesnt suck anymore…at least on Beta. it does 400% damage increase at targets at 25% or 35% health now…cant remember which but 200×5(since a 100% increase is 2x) and that is 1000 damage w/ it. My math might be wrong but even if its x4 then its 800 damage a tick. Not bad for a spell that use to suck besides shard farming.

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    Well it is too me…

    Uhh Ohhh is that the ban hammer I see


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