The famous ‘crabby blue’ has heard the wave of tears coming, and decided to address it before Blizzard get washed away by it all.

"We have finished a fairly comprehensive look at the dps of various classes and specs and are concerned that warlock dps isn’t quite where it should be. It’s not abysmal by any means, but we think it should be a little higher.
To give warlocks a little extra nudge in PvP, we increased Soul Link up to 20% from 15%. You may already have this change.
In PvE, overall, we just think a lot of classes benefited from getting the warlock buffs a little more than the locks benefited from getting everyone else’s buffs. So we decided to just buff lock damage across the board (which will also help in PvP somewhat). Rather than change damage and coefficients of a lot of different ranks of spells, we just inflated talents that we were almost certain you’d already have. Shadow Mastery, Demonic Tactics and Emberstorm were all increased by 1% per rank for 5% total.
Let us know how that feels. The changes should go live before Nov 13."

Merry Christmas, apologies for the coal left in your stocking by mistake.  <3 Ghostcrawler

OK, for those of you who do not know (can’t remember if I mentioned it), I will be away for the next few days in Canberra.  I may squeeze out a post tomorrow, but that is a very slight possibility.  There may be some guest posts popping up, there may not.  I may put some photos from my trip up while I am away, I may not.  All very dependent on a) whether I can get a hold of a good WP app for my phone, and b) whether I take any pictures.  You may get lots of silly piccies of The Carillon, The War Memorial, perhaps the national museum and stinky old Parliament House, which I will be oh so tempted to infiltrate and cause havoc.  Maybe some photos from Floriade as well if it is on.

Have fun with your break from the evil lockiness!

Stuck for something to read while I am gone?

Here is some of my favourite reading from the past couple of days:

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6.  I give Kalf a hard time, and he fights back!  Guys, you have to agree with me, OK!

4 Responses to “QQ – Answered!”
  1. Enjoy your trip!

    Seems Ghostcrawler made a big U turn; only a couple of days he was basically telling Warlocks to go QQ.

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  2. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Heya Sar! Remember to bring back t-shirts :)

    While I’m gratefull that Blizzard has decided to increase our damage across the board, I’m not part of the crowd that believes we were nerfed. Granted I’m only 3/6 Sunwell, but I saw an increase in Lock performance. I ran with the tried and true 21/40 and pushed out between 1800-2800 on all major boss fights pre twins. The only change I truly saw was the switch from a Strictly Shadowbolt build… to a fire based build. I use a heavy destro haste build at the moment, and my dps meets and sometimes exceeds the pre-patch counterpart. Under the right conditions, I’ve seen 1 second Incinerates for 8k non crit… The point I’m trying to make is that skilled Locks (like you) will always be desired in raids, and try to embrace this change. When used correctly, we’re stronger than ever, and thanks to the emphasis on fire, now we won’t be falling asleep at the wheel during raids :D

    -Your Stalking Troll,

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  3. I HAVE to agree w/ Kalf TO AN EXTENT! At 70 right now you feral druids tear me apart like rogues use to. But any other spec and i PWN your a…err butts. Moonkin i kinda have 2 worry about but still fairly easy. HAVE FUN!

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  4. [...] over at Destructive Reach copies the blue post made earlier about the boost to Soul Link and an overall boost to Lock DPS. [...]

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