So, Patch Day.  I have to say, I missed out on most (but not all) the quirks and problems that Cenarius had to throw at us today thankfully because I was at work for most of it.  When I lamented on Twitter that everyone else got to play around with WoW while I had to be at the beach, and people wondered why I was complaining, well… this might give you a hint.  15102008002

Yes, it was horrible, cold, unfriendly beach weather.  I didn’t take a jumper or jacket either because I originally wasn’t supposed to do sport, but things got swapped around and I got to take the kiddies to the seaside.  Needless to say, I did what all very athletic teachers do on sport day – stood there shivering while the kids surfed as I ate hot chips.

On WoW related topics, Sar is currently the epic spec of 0/0/0, since I haven’t even had a chance to do much with her.  I updated as many mods as I could, some refused to work, which is a shame.  Hermia is some weird variation of a Feral tank spec which I can’t remember.  All my other characters have been ignored, and no doubt I will forget that all their talent points have been reset if I ever brush the dust off them.

So, what did I do all afternoon in WoW if I wasn’t speccing?  I spend most of it combating the server, while levelling Inscription.  I now have a major case of ‘Finger clicking strain’ debuff, from Milling immense quantities of herbs.  I still haven’t finished learning, but have Milled everything and I am ready to go again tomorrow (I was just too tired tonight).  I have decided that I will put most of my glyphs in the Guild Bank, even though this is a fairly big loss for me.  Everyone deserves to have them after all the help that they have given me anyway.  I still think the Warlock glyphs are a pile of poo for the most part, and I was very disappointed with my first Minor Glyph, which was a Hunter glyph increasing the damage their pet deals while using Eyes of the Beast.  How useless.  Needless to say, I made none of those.  I am more excited about being able to make Darkmoon cards personally.  Shiny!

In non-WoW related news, am currently panicking over all the assignments I have due within the next week or so (that I haven’t started because I am a lazy git).  I will have to do those tomorrow.  I have this weekend to write a 5000 word paper, because after that I work every day before it is due, and wont have the time.  Thankfully after that is submitted I am done forever.  Or at least until I forget how stressful it all was and go to do post grad.  This may mean a total lack of posting.  Of course, knowing how much I love to procrastinate, it could mean you get more posts than ever before!

Also, I got a shiny new phone.  Yay me!  Now I can twitter from work! – Although, I am scared that using it too much will run up my bill immensely.  Of course, I can only do that during break times anyway.  They don’t happen much.  Still, it is a definite upgrade, although it costs me twice as much as my old phone did.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that you could make Darkmoon cards. I’ve kind of steered clear of Inscription info in the beginning since it was changing so much, then afterwards because I wasn’t going to pick it up… and look what I miss out on. I figured I would learn it all from guildies, haha.

    And yay new phone! I love the feeling of a new phone, especially if it’s a considerable upgrade. Happy Twittering!

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  2. Lol at the little kids that wanted to go swimming in winter water!

    ON the wow subject. Lol also, y so many herbs! I know you are leveling inscription but take a break! Just calm down and take a biiig break from clicking and spec! Also since when can you make darkmoon cards as inscription! i didnt see that.

    On your work: same here. I get 2 projects comming up, a test tommorow, and essay due soon, practice my instrument, possibly join a club…it goes on. i need my sleep damit! real life sucks till after college since cuz if you get the degree you want. youll be happy cuz you can do w/e you like for the rest of your live =).

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