Writing those difficult, serious posts really takes it out of me.  So much so that I struggle to type much at all.  Since I am so lazy, instead, have a video!

3 Responses to “On Kittens, Blizzcon and More Paladins”
  1. So that’s what you were doing while waiting for me to hoof it out there for that signature. Lol

    Poor, poor cats.

    Kalfurions last blog post..Wintersaber grind. Done.

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  2. I’m guessing you recently watched Dude wheres my mount, episode 1. near the end they start to kill cats and a song starts called “Let the kitties hit the floor!”

    Good vid, make more! Also you still doin that w/e video thing on that one site(cannot remember worth a crap!)

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  3. Also, i think that ima make a DK on your realm just cuz i wanna hang w/ you and kalf. you guys seem fun and my realm is dying(stupid arthas, my guild is falling apart. we need 2 move realms again). And after i get that DK to 80 then ill make a warlock to 80 =).

    As ive said, my main is a warlock named Rockeroad. Only rockeroad on any realm…and if you see any others there my alts =P.

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