Firstly, I haven’t posted since I got back since I am waiting on a certain slacker friend to put up the photos of the trip so I can put them up.  After all, the world NEEDS to see photos of myself and my friend posing with the statues at the War Memorial.  Yes, I did lick a ‘soldier’s’ foot.  No, it wasn’t tasty.

OK, so the trip!  Well, the first portion of the trip (Newcastle to Bathurst) went fairly smoothly.  Night driving, which made going through Sydney an absolute cake walk for the most part.  No traffic, not many red lights… easy times.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who has trouble navigating at night.  At least, I do if I have only travelled that particular route during the day.  Well, I missed the turn off to the motorway and took the wrong one (which takes you IN to the city, not out of it!)  Here is my crude drawing to help you understand:


I was meant to take the ‘Mountains’ road, which was small, narrow and had a 50 sign on it (somewhat perplexing for a motorway), so I accidentally took the ‘Sydney’ one (which is directly afterwards, large and inviting, and has an 80 sign).  Whoops!  Oh… the pink stuff?  That’s smog.  I don’t like Sydney.  The red car is me, obviously (Imagine it with 2 gorgeous blondes ;-)… or one gorgeous blonde and myself.  Either way).

Well, in the process of getting back on the road I was meant to be on, I got in somewhat of a kerfuffle.  When I am in a kerfuffle, I get a bit confused, and do silly things… like run red lights.  On the plus side, it was only one red light… half a red light really, since it was a red arrow… and there was no oncoming traffic.  I still feel completely stupid though.  And we had to pay the toll – TWICE!

Well, we hit Bathurst at midnight, stayed up chatting for a little, then went to bed.  That was that day’s noobishness over.

I got up Friday morning, and proceeded to finish the assignment I had that was due that day.  Yeah, I know, I am lazy.  Should have got it done before.  Oops.  Since I am such a twit, I was a bit concerned that I would forget my assignment or something, so I made extra sure that I had it.  Of course, this was after the fun attempt at stapling it – it was about 50 pages long, and too thick for all the staplers.  So, I kinda jammed it all together, and sent it off with a note:

‘The wonderful people in the School of Education Office,

You may have noticed this assignment is falling apart.  That is because it is REALLY BIG, and so needs a REALLY BIG staple put in it.  If you could do that for me, I would be eternally grateful.  To the point where I may even consider giving you my first born, if need be.

Thanks a million!!’

Yes, yes, that is exactly what I wrote.  I am sure they liked it.

I sent it off, felt very relieved, and we jumped in my friends car and drove to Canberra (3.5 hours).  When we got there, we started unpacking, and I was lifting bags out of the boot when I suddenly noticed something was missing.  Namely, my suitcase.  While I was finishing that damn assignment, the others were loading up the car.  Stupid me forgot that my friend did not have anything in the boot of my car, so it wasn’t checked.  My friend Sarah thought that Megan’s bags were mine, and Megan thought Sarah’s bag was mine.  Eeesh.  Of course, idiot me didn’t even check that my bag was in there.  Needless to say, the first place we went was to the local shops.  Thank goodness Friday is late night shopping in Canberra!  I do love shopping… although by the end of the night I was slightly hyperactive (probably from eating FOUR bags of lollies along the way), and was trying to run people down with my shopping trolley.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful(ish).  The GPS navigator got us lost, and we drove around in circles because it kept ordering us to drive down footpaths, and turn right at ‘no right turn’ intersections.  I hit my head on statues at the War Memorial.  I also bit my tongue at the Carillon.  I set a new record at Questacon, thus proving that I really AM perfect, despite my stupidity – they have a machine where you have to hold a button in for 15 seconds (guessing how long it is, not timing it).  The old record was 14.998.  I got 15.000!  Whoo hoo!  The first thing everyone asked me was if I cheated.  Of course I didn’t!  I got a photo of me with my new record as well, but I didn’t get a prize :(.

I also really enjoyed Cirque du Soleil, where I brought a clown nose, got kicked in the bottom several times by the person sitting behind me and nearly was sick while watching the contortionist.

On the final night we played Monopoly, since we were too lazy to go out.  I once again proved I had the worst luck in the world – I only made it around the full length of the board twice in the first 45 minutes, and when I did make it I landed on the Super Tax and had to give up my ‘you passed Go’ money.  I got put in jail 5 times!  I somehow managed to NOT come last… still don’t know how that happened.

On the way home we nearly ran out of petrol, which was interesting.  That also meant we had to stop at a petrol station with the Worst Toilets in Australia – think no soap or handtowel, smelly, and FULL of bugs.  Made me glad I had my own hand cleaner stuff in my bag.  The woman who worked there was also really rude, and two of their bowsers were stuck together with duct tape.  Never going there again!  I did the two drives in the one day on the way home, which meant I was in the car for over 8 hours.  Needless to say, I was pooped.

So, that is the story of my adventure.  Photos will be posted… eventually.  When Sarah gets them to me!  I would have had my own, but no suitcase = no camera, and no phone charger.  Bah.  No real lasting repercussions, apart from my GIANT credit card bill!

4 Responses to “In Which Sar Reveals She is a RL Noob”
  1. Must have been very fun! Read that entire thing and…wow, you have fun friends =P. Oh yeah here is one part i was confused about… did the two drives in the one day on the way home O_o. If i think i know what that means…well i dont wanna think about it.

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  2. The way there we split over 2 days – to Bathurst on Thursday, then from there to Canberra on Friday. The trip home we did in one day instead of across 2, with an hour break in the middle.

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  3. Sounds like you had fun. Good to have you back. There are apparently not enough warlock blogs to keep me busy :-).

    Inevitably, when we travel, something is forgotten. As such, it has become a game: What new common-place item are we buying this vacation? I guess it makes for interesting conversation if anyone were to go through the toiletries cabinet: And this deodorant stick is from Florida, and this comb is from the Appalachian Mountains, and THIS! This toothbrush hails all the way from Paris! *scattered applause*

    *Sigh* I need a vacation.

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  4. Vacations are the best. The most memorable ones are when things go wrong, it opens up opportunities and fun things happen. Where I live we dont have toll booths, at least you werent so noob you didnt pay it.. twice.. and get mailed two tickets afterwards! :(

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