Today I ventured into Black Temple with the old guild for a bit of a run around. As you can see on my ‘progression’ list, pre-patch 3.0, we were at 4/9 BT. Respectable enough in my opinion for about 8 months of raiding, at any rate. Not the best of the best, certainly not high enough to escape the scoffing from those on the server who were venturing into Sunwell, but higher than most.

Today, that all changed.

gorefiend In we went, expecting things to be somewhat easier. Knowing full well that everything had been nerfed and that we wouldn’t have as hard a time of it as usual. However, things were much easier than we had thought. The first 4 bosses went down easy as pie, no wipes. It was easy to the point of total carelessness – on Teron Gorefiend we had two groups of constructs get into the raid, and we still managed to down him. We had people dying to spines on Najentus (myself included) because people were too lazy to pull them out of people, and he still died within 2 shields.

On bosses which you have already downed, it is merely amusing to watch them die so fast. On bosses you have struggled with however, it is outright annoying.

We downed 2 new bosses today: Bloodboil and Reliquary of Souls. We died on each of these once and once only. Bloodboil was a total balls-up from the beginning, with no one calling out group rotations and people dying of the debuff. Despite this, we still somehow managed to get him to 13%. The second attempt was much easier, with only one death. On RoS, the tank managed to walk down the ramp a bit before we had AoE’ed the mobs down along the way and started the event. This of course led to confusion as half the people were still killing mobs, while others were on the boss. The first and only real attempt on it went much smoother, to the point where we were confused when the fight ended.

Now, I can say in all honesty that no one complained about getting loot. Of course they didn’t. However, I also can say that I wasn’t able to take any pride in downing those bosses. There was no challenge, no real ‘fight’, and no fun in it. I was raiding well below my usual standard when it came to damage output (which I suspect had to do with issues with my new spec, spell rotation and having a new interface to adjust to while raiding), and everything was STILL disappointingly easy.

The reasoning that I have heard for the nerfs does make some sense. Yes, people need to adjust to new spell rotations and specs. My damage went down significantly (as I suspected it would – a subject for another post), but most people’s went up equally significantly. Our Boomkin and I swapped places on the meters, with myself coming towards the bottom and him at the top. The nerfs also give people an opportunity to get through some new content and see what everything looks like. However, it is difficult to take any pride in being able to down nerfed bosses. I truly feel for guilds who were struggling with Sunwell content. Sure, they might finish the raid now, but it can’t feel good knowing that those bosses would most likely still be standing if they weren’t nerfed. I am totally devastated that we got bosses down with people making horrible errors, people afking, and all in all just doing sloppy raiding. High end raiding is supposed to be about skill, coordination and team work. Today, it was about being ‘over geared’ for the encounters. Sure, our gear didn’t change. The bosses have just decided to take off their big girl panties and don clown suits. And while clowns may look scary to some people… they just aren’t that hard to kill with their water pistols and big hats. Unless it’s the clown from It perhaps.

Quick irrelevant note: I have noticed for quite some time that my posts look incredibly… odd in a reader.  Unfortunately, while they format to look all nice and pretty on the actual page, they come out looking really odd in a reader, with pictures moved all over the place.  Apologies to those who view this in a reader.  I am trying to work out a fix.

6 Responses to “Huh? Clown suits? Are Your Big Girl Panties in the Wash?”
  1. I’m not sure when you did black temple or whom you had in your raid but I’d like to tell you that there was a bug in the tree of life form aura that gave 300% more healing instead of 6%. They changed this at 10-15.
    Like I said before I do not know when this raid was that you’re talking about right now but it may have been so easy because your healers were doing a sick amount of healing

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  2. The raid was the same day as the post was written (so yesterday by now). Everything is just much faster now, with bosses having less health, and some people in the raid putting out about 25% more DPS. I guess I am a bit disillusioned – I enjoy raiding for the challenge, and when it isn’t challenging I don’t see the point.

    Interesting to hear about the bug though :) I hadn’t heard about that!

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  3. We had the same results, Sar: we cleared through and had a number of attempts on Council before calling it a night. Mother was an absolute joke; most of us didn’t have our Shadow resistance gear and we only failed when the three were teleported into the group as opposed to away. I’m equally as disappointed. I’d done those bosses before on my brother’s druid months ago and was eagerly looking forward to their since-nerfed-but-still-pre-3.0.2 mightiness.

    Tree of Life boo-boo was hotfixed immediately. It didn’t happen to all trees and randomly even on the same tree, but when it did raids became even more ridiculously easy. I never encountered that since my raiding didn’t pick up until Friday.

    Cynras last blog post..Seriously, What Are the Odds?

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  4. Hey, thanks for the comment. Hopefully you broke the seal (being the first and all).

    My guild had a similar experience in kara. Definitely not our finest hour, and yet, easy clear.

    We’ve discussed this at length and come to the conclusion that is kind of a double edged sword (2H): Its great to be able to get good loot, see good content, and perhaps get a chance to see a whole lot before it becomes obsolete. On the other hand, the warm fuzzies you get from completing an exceptionally challenging fight just aren’t there and you’re left kinda feeling “okay, now what?”.

    I can’t say I’m for or against it either way, as its probably just part of the life cycle of an MMO. It will be made better if the WotLK raids pick up the difficulty where TBC left off (pre patch), and then extend it some. I guess we’ll see…

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Addon Update

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  5. I have to totally agree with your epxperiences.
    We basically nuked BT last week, and I was so disappointed that I didn’t bother to turn up for the next 2 raids.

    I have a feeling that things were nerfed by more than 30%, unless the damage output from all mobs was nerfed by 30% too.
    Things just fell over and died as soon as we engaged them. On Najentus we has a mess up on the first shield, where no-one could find a spine, and that meant he healed back up to 100%. Pre-patch that meant a wipe, no question, and yet we still nuked him down without losing a single player.

    As for poor Teron – “You will show the proper respect!”. Perhaps that comment was aimed at Blizzard for making the whole thing one big joke.

    This was like running Kara on a guild badge run; it felt as easy as that.

    Roll on Wrath and lets get back to some serious challenges.

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