The Warlock Forum on the World of Warcraft site is a wonderful place to seek advice, indulge in complaining, and to take some time to feed the trolls.  In the interests of promoting this wonderful place, I am going to take a look at some three selected posts, and advise you of how to best respond to these. 

1.  "Can my Curse of Doom crit?"

– Short Answer: No.  

– Long Answer: Curse of Doom is considered a DoT, despite it dealing all its damage in one tick.  This means that it currently can not crit.  I will be interested to see what happens to this spell when DoTs are able to crit.  Will this apply to some DoTs, or all of them?  Personally I would hate to see the threat generation of a Curse of Doom crit.  My CoDs currently hit for approximately 12k.  A crit would be horrific, and I am sure the boss who was hit by it would eat my face, perhaps with a spoon. 

Oh, and those on the forums who say their CoD ‘crit’ on Curator?  It’s not a crit, buffoons, it’s caused by a mechanic of the fight where Curator is vulnerable to damage during Evocation.  Stop selling your silly lies.

2.  "Warlocks are Op need a F@#king nerf!"

These posts are VERY common.  Almost always made by a low level alt, or a mage.  Their statement is then backed up by irrational arguments, in the case of today’s post by a level 4 Rogue (with an offensive name to boot) ‘I have been feared for 10 minutes!’.  There are a couple of ways Warlocks respond to this.

– Smart Answer: To do nothing and hope the troll thread will die.  This unfortunately never happens, and troll threads are always longer than any proper discussions.

– Fun Answer:  Respond with humour.  The first responder to this thread did this well – "I’ve heard rumours of people’s characters being feared for over 2 years" (Neeranu of Dreadmaul).  These responses actually make troll threads worth reading!  Keep it short, sweet and funny.

– Dumb Answer:  Feed the troll with anger, by pointing out the total stupidity of their statements.  While I wouldn’t recommend this, it can be difficult to resist.  Unfortunately, this merely encourages the trolls.

3.  "Do you show your OT naked pictures of your wife?"








This confirms all my previous suspicions about Paladins!  Best advice here is to not reply, not click the links, and back far far away. 

Other common post themes include complaining about the uselessness of Soul Shards, the Rogue ability Cloak of Shadows annoying Locks everywhere, Epic Rick Rolls, and arguments about which spec is the best spec (Destruction, of course!)  In amongst these you will find the occasional gem of sound advice buried amongst a lot of garbage, trolling and epeen stroking.  Best of luck with your adventures though the World of Warcraft… Forums.

6 Responses to “How to forum Well and influence people”
  1. #1: Pandemic only works for Corruption and UA, so no other DoTs will be able to “crit”

    Hornss last blog post..Shine On You Crazy Pink Diamonds

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  2. Glad to see it’s not just the rogue forum that has to cope with the standard repeated troll attempts and misinformation.

    I’d love to find those posts that have genuine information or discussion about the class, but the amount of dross that needs to be sifted through often makes this difficult :(

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  3. I for one (being Affliction) am very interested to see how the DOT crit mechanics will pan out in the soon to be released expansion.
    It makes the relative choice of Spell damage or Spell crit a more difficult choice for Affliction based Warlocks, as opposed to the curent situation where only spell damage is sort after.

    Being destruction & being a raider, do you see Afflcition becomeing a viable raid spec? given that we are still in beta it is a difficult question to answer, but interested to hear you thoughts.

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  4. Pretty nice post but obvious post for good warlocks. The first one, well DUH! Of course it cant crit. Wish it could but it cant. And its not affected by pandemic. If you read pandemics it says ” Your Unstable Affliction and Corruption…” So no big crit for it! Anyways if it was then every warlock would spec it and they would do MASSIVE damage.

    And to all of you who think that warlocks are op, well roll one of us and see how it is. Its not all fear bombing, if you have no skill then thats what you do. BUT if you have skill you know to fear, dot dot, Drain Life, fear, drain and most of the time the pvp trinket is activated somewhere and we get killed by the rogue/warr that just shadowstepped/intercepted at us.

    And one that thing, DESTRO SUCKS SAR! I prefer demonology. Its a lot of fun because its not a 3 button spam. It it about micromanagement with your pet, keeping dots up and spamming shadowbolt all in one! Maybe i like it cuz i’m smart and like a challenge but oh well =)

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  5. @Horns thanks for that. I hadn’t done much research into the matter, I just remember reading about DoTs being able to crit in the future, and didn’t know which DoTs it would apply to. Shows me for not looking at the darn talent tree! I need to learn to read the Affliction patch notes and things more carefully.
    @Crashandburn it takes a heck of a lot of time and patience. Sometimes I wonder how many people would have the courage to actually ask a question on the forums, because so many answers can be belittling.
    @Aivil From what I have seen, Affliction will actually be the most powerful PvE spec in beta at the moment. Destruction will be about midrange, and Demonology towards the bottom. For more information, there is a rough guide here: Make sure you get Post 2711.
    @Rockeroad: You would be surprised how many people honestly believe that CoD can crit. I think it is a combination of them not being able to fathom a number that huge being a tick, and seeing boss fights like Curator and Netherspite where it will hit for an insane amount. As for Destruction, well, it will always be my favourite spec. I tried Demonology for a little bit and didn’t enjoy it – not much for relying on pets. I don’t mind Affliction though.

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  6. I know its not logical, or true – but I could have sworn that CoD used to crit a long time ago. Somehow I’ve seen 25k damage on curator from CoD, but then every time I tell that story the crit goes up by 1k. :)

    typhoonandrews last blog post..Monks in Warcraft, I’d roll one.

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