OK, I know there hasn’t been much commentary so far. Honestly, I am not the world’s fastest typer (especially when I am trying to be accurate), so it is taking a lot of time just to get the main events down. A lot of people have asked me to report back on different things as well, so I kinda have to cover everything. I will try to put in only the important details and keep it interesting and commented on. So far I have missed most everything WoW related, which is a shame, but oh well. Hopefully it will be back when the reception kicks in… which has been out for over 30 minutes. Damn. More hopefully coming soon.

Speaking of which – it’s finally back.Yay!

.. Back for a whole 5 minutes.

Well, my impressions so far have been good. I’ll put it this way – I am so going to save my pennies and make the trip to a Blizzcon one day. Or, heck, I’ll wait til I live in Canada (*fingers crossed*) in a few years and go then. Either way… I want a Blizzcon!

12.10pm: Jay Mohr – Awards Ceremony

Costume awards are entertaining. Not really much you can say about them, the Abomination was my favourite, but the Draenei Shaman on a Turtle mount was the highlight (and eventual winner). Hockey fans would appreciate a Tauren Ice Hockey player.

- No sound, so if anything good was said, I missed it :( Very disappointed with the service.

2 Responses to “Blizzcon Pt. 2”
  1. Wait, you’re coming to Canada? I can harass you in country? Sweet!

    Medross last blog post..New All Things Azeroth, Blizzcon live show

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  2. Your going to CANADA! Well its better than the US right now but at least go to California in the US. I mean thats where they have it. plus trust me when i say this:

    CALIFORNIA ROCKS! I was born and partly raised there and lemme tell you it has EVERYTHING! Rurual areas, bit city…whatever you think of itll probalby have it(nothing stupid though). I just like talking about california.

    Btw nice coverage

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