Random thoughts for today:

1.  I can not make real posts.  I have lost the ability. 

2.  Cirque du Soleil next weekend!  Looking forward to going there.  Not looking forward to the 9-10 hours of driving for the trip home (damn job!)

3.  You should eat more than half a sandwich over the course of a day

4.  If muffins are tasty and appealing, by rights having a muffin top should make you equally appealing.  Not sure about the tasty.

5.  Something in my car is broken.  It is leaking weird unidentifiable stuff.  No, it is not coolant.  Nor oil.  Nor petrol.  Nor is it power steering fluid.  I don’t have air conditioning either, so it isn’t that.  I suspect it’s crying because it knows that it will be gone in six months time, maybe less (trading in my lollerskate vehicle for a nice big petrol guzzling V6 Turbo that goes VROOOOOOOM … or perhaps a small car with a turbo that only goes vrooom.  We shall see).

6.  Still struggling with the concept of being a fire lock.  Fire… hmmm.  Only if it’s green.

7.  I still am not getting many achievements.  I am tired of seeing so much achievement spam.  Remember, only YOU can prevent spam!

2 Responses to “Articles of Un-Interest”
  1. I got totally spammed by Achievement dings in our Guild Chat.
    Fortunately you can turn it all off in the Chat Options. Hooray!

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  2. Cirque du Soleil is sooo much fun!!

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