I have noticed a disturbing new trend in WoW.  Achievements, something which to me signified a more fun, flippant side of the game, have become serious business.  People are running around like mad grinding useless rep, farming totally bizarre items, and collecting very expensive mounts in order to gain as many achievements and titles as possible.  Some of the titles are not especially exciting to begin with! 

When achievements were first announced, I viewed them as a way for people to enjoy the lighter side of the game.  "Sure, I may not have raided Sunwell… I wasn’t playing when Naxx came out – but I sure as heck managed to /love every critter in Azeroth!"  There were achievements that people of all progression levels could look forward to attaining, as well as some which rewarded the people who completed the more difficult things, that sometimes can’t be attained anymore. 

Unfortunately, the WoW player base seems to be forever determined to take a relatively fun idea and then suck every ounce of enjoyment out of it.  I don’t know what it is about us, but we manage to do that all the time.  The friends I have who have been grinding TOTALLY useless rep for silly titles aren’t enjoying the process as a rule.  Who does enjoy doing the same old quests over and over, or farming immense amounts of runecloth?  What for?  An achievement and an unexciting title.  Yay… all those hours of work to become Saresa the Diplomat.  Too bad most everyone else and his dog has that title as well!  How suddenly unexciting.

Then we have other achievements, which serve to demonstrate how much spare gold you happen to have lying around.  Got 50 mounts!  Good for you!  What did that little achievement there set you back at, about 3 or 4k gold?  Or the one that I myself am currently undertaking, which is collecting non combat pets (or companions).  Not quite as huge a gold sink yet, but I’m running out of pets to get that aren’t in the 500-1000g range.  All to get an achievement for other people to gawk at.


I will admit, there are some achievements which I am excited about.  The Feats of Strength excite me simply because I can get something which demonstrates the rank that I had achieved under the old PvP system.  Sure, it wasn’t a great rank, but it’s more than what some people I know got to.  I think these might be a bit unfortunate for people who are new to the game and don’t get to ever achieve them, but there is little that can be done about that I guess.

Most of them though are just a way for Blizzard to create gold sinks.  I guess it’s a plus that most people seem to be spending their gold on them before the expansion, which means we may see a healthier economy with everyone on a level footing (*fingers crossed*), but they demonstrate very little to me.  I foresee a nasty future where people will be using achievements, not only as a point of pride, but also as a point of ridicule for other players.  I am not looking forward to hearing people yelling ‘Noob you haven’t even got achievement x yet!’

Perhaps it is merely that achievements represent more senseless grinding added into the game… but I very suddenly do not like them at all.  So much so that I may very well aim for ‘Achieving at Not Achieving – has not completed one achievement that required grinding something useless or unfun’.  Wish me luck!

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  1. You’re just jealous that there isn’t some cool Warlock title you can get from grinding rep.

    Kalfurion, Guardian of Cenarius here I come!

    Kalfurions last blog post..A Little Introduction

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  2. Grinding Bloodsail rep has become very popular in my guild. I have to admit that I toyed with the idea of jumping on-board with crazy achievement accomplishments, but then decided I just didn’t care that much.

    Kadomis last blog post..Bye bye stance-dancing

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  3. P.S.: Nice new look for your blog, very clean. :)

    Kadomis last blog post..Bye bye stance-dancing

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  4. :) still tinkering, just forgot to change it back to the old look before I left for dinner. Who knows, I may not change it yet… we shall see how much fiddling with all the code bugs me

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  5. For the The Diplomat – Timbermaw Hold (52 points into Revered), Kurenai (2/3s through Honored) Sporeggar (exalted)

    Who ever went back and got exalted for Timbermaw hold? My reputation with them is exactly where it was when BC came out.

    That said, one of the reps on my list is Ogre’la for the pure enjoyment of their races dance. I want to be exalted with them for their dance not some silly achievement.

    hydras last blog post..Honor … No Touchy

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  6. you are on the money, To many play this game as a “see what I can/did do”. The story does it for me. and the getting together with friends, socializing. you see to much on the trade chanel of ppl hammering others for not play for as long, or with the same fever as some of us have. I have a weakness for them non combat pets also, the one time the parrot droped in VC was when I took my daughters druid in that was 12th at the time with my 70. and she got it. oh well. but Have fun first.

    Hanhars last blog post..Torn :(

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  7. Eh i really dont care if people want to spend their money on the acievments cuz thats what ima be doing =P. I want those mounts and titles. Though im not grinding rep yet(waitin till 80, make it MUCH easier), im still doing all of the achievments that i can like w/ the brewfest. I JUST GOT MY KODO TODAY! GO ALLIANCE W/ KODOS!

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  8. All to get an acheivement for other people to gawk at

    You also get a pet skunk reward! It’s on Wonzy’s list of goals (admittedly pretty far back), as it will compliment his undeadness adorably.

    My old gnome never got a pet that I enjoyed more than the Silver Tabby I bought for 20s outside of Stormwind.

    Sonnys last blog post..Horde Reroll: How Important is Your…

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