1. I made muffins. They were tasty.


The brown ones are Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie Muffins, while the white ones are White Chocolate and Macadamia. I had to post pictures since someone didn’t believe me about the muffins. There was 12 of each… I was hungry. Well, I only ate 3… I gave some to the girls at work.

2. Despite eating the afore mentioned muffins (and TWO large slabs of lasagna) , I could squeeze into my comfy short shorts when I got home from work.


Yes, I was literally jumping for joy. You know how those first sunny days of summer just make you happy? Well… I was happy. I also did not mean to decapitate myself in the shot – I was just too lazy to dig out the tripod.

3. I made another crappy video

Since you all love to hear me babble so much! Well, truth be told, it’s because I was too lazy to write much. I think I yabber on about the sunshine, Sar’s guild situation, and cocktails. Took so long to upload that I no longer remember.

4. I get to watch the football tonight and drink the afore mentioned cocktails while eating pizza.


Go Roosters!!! If they lose, I am sure the cocktails will cheer me right up!

4 Responses to “Whoo hoo, reasons why I am excited”
  1. I’m being a bad softi and not watching the video, but I will later! As for the muffins – damn they look tasty! Also, I totally wish I could fit into comfy shorts like those! :P

    Softis last blog post..Every time I log off I cry a little inside.

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  2. Warlocks can conjure Muffins now? Now there really is no more reasons to bring a Mage! They do look very tasty though… WTB! Now I’m hungry…

    Tunas last blog post..WotLK Beta Testing: Focus Magic

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  3. And you suck also. Its school up here in the US and its approaching winter…WINTER!!!! Sooo cold…well anyways we warlocks are the best. We can do direct damage, burst damage or slow dots. Were ohhh so patient! BTW MOVE TO ARTHAS!!!!!!!!!!! We might loose to the horde…a lot…in everything but av, but av we win 95% of the time.

    Back on topic, have fun on your summer while im doing Alg 2 and AP US Gov’t(stupid US Gov’t). And dont worry about the raids, as you said just wait 2 months then just do the 10-man versions of the raids, there smaller and quicker. And for the last time HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!

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  4. Oh dear!

    *hugs poor Roosters

    At least the Broncos were not beaten by the Kiwi’s.



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