“I can not buy it — ’tis not sold/There is no other in the world –/Mine was the only one” Emily Dickinson

It only just occurred to me that very few people understand the relationship between a Warlock and their pet. Indeed, I did not really understand it myself until I started playing a Hunter and got a chance to really notice the totally different dynamic that exists in the two relationships.

I have to admit, I have always taken my pets for granted. Just a little. Of course, that comes naturally I suppose when your pet is subjected to your every whim, and has no choice in the matter. None of this ‘Best friend’ business for us ‘locks – my pet had better do as I say and he better do it bloody fast. He doesn’t like it? Stiff.

On the other hand, I am always concerned for Brutus. If he isn’t happy, I’m not happy. I willingly starve myself so that he can eat, and the first time he died I was devastated. I regularly engage in soppy emotes, and the poor cat is probably groaning from all the /hugs, /kisses, and /pats that he gets. The only emotes Sar’s pets get are /point and /laugh (especially after I have just sacrificed one to gain even more monstrous power!)

While I was levelling my pets did get a little more love from me. Before I accidentally deleted all my screenshots *sigh*, I had many holiday style snaps of me and my pets. “Traathun and I enjoying the sunshine at Booty Bay!” That sort of thing. I still do have a total adoration for Traathun, my felhunter. I refused to have any other pet out (unless I was in an instance) regardless of how useful or useless the pet would be. He was my very best friend, my compainion, and I loved listening to his grunty noises when he killed those casters! When people mockingly refer to him as the ‘crap version of a Zergling”, I Incinerate their ass. He is a unique and special snowflake! A Zergling does not have multiple tenticle things, or proper horns!



Clearly the Felhunter is a much more developed, attractive and intelligent specimen! They are not at all alike!


Back to the relationship I have with my pets. Clearly I do have some affection for my Demon friends. Of course, if I get one with a dodgy name I will not love it. I will refuse to use it. Hence why I can not handle being Demonology. Stupid Felguard! However, I only appreciate this relationship for the benefits it gives me. I do have a favourite, but the others are just there to help me out when I need them. Bah humbug to the rest! My hunter is the total opposite extreme. She will not be able to part with Brutus, despite cats losing their status as the superior pet in Wrath. Silly irrational Draenei…

2 Responses to “Warlock versus Hunter – Pets and how we love them”
  1. Why why why do you hate demonology!? I have a felguard named Shaadhuun, and im doing something stupid but, Shade hun(stupid yes but its a good name >_<). SO back on the topic of pets get a raptor for your hunter, there awesome!

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  2. tehehe, I too share your views on the subject of pets. My warlock will always be my main and he seldom care about loosing a his demon, if they die oh well resummon no big deal but when Stain (Humar’s skin) die from actions, my hunter gets really ticked off. It’s very odd how one identify with the class so much more depending on how they play.

    btw, love your blog.

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