As you may or may not be able to tell from the above picture, I am sick. Bleurgh. I put it down to a conspiracy on the part of my brain – it is trying to escape through my nose. At least now I understand why I was constantly thirsty at work yesterday! I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow (the only day this week I can have off without causing disaster of epic proportions). On the bright side, I get to explore a whole new method of classroom management – coughing and sneezing on the kids ’til they shut the heck up.

However, this does not dampen the ‘NEW SHIRT!’ mood. Probably not the best shot to show it off, but hopefully most of you recognise it, as it was designed by one of my most favourite bloggers.

Anyhow, don’t expect anything good over the next couple of days. In fact, don’t expect anything coherent. Love you guys!

P.S – I hate the curtains in this room as well. If this were MY house, they’d be long gone! It is the study though, so it doesn’t have to look great or anything.

6 Responses to “Things which are awesome and things which are not.”
  1. Congratulations on looking much better than I do when I am sick =)

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Dechions last blog post..Gearing your fresh 70 hunter for WotLK

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  2. Yuck! Hate being sick. I think I caught some of what my son has this weekend. Drinking Lots-o-fluids today myself.

    Hope you feel better! Awesome shirt too!

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  3. Ooooooooh noooooooooo. You bought my shirt!

    And aside from the pink eye and the red nose and general ill pallor, you’re still as loverly as ever! Get better sooner because a day without Sar is a day without warlocky goodness and Aussie happiness.

    Cynras last blog post..The Best Beer Festival You’ll Never Remember!

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  4. Ow, sry our sick. But isnt it summer down under? I mean who gets sick durning summer(no offense, but nto that many ppl).

    Well besides that warlocks are getting nothing in wrath compared to other classes and blizz has 2 months 2 fix it b4 it goes live. We get a costume change, a scorch for dots and a gimp sbolt/incinerate. Im feeling sad that we arent getting good stuff like other classes =(

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  5. Actually, this is one of the biggest flu seasons of the year :) Between the change in temperature as it suddenly gets hotter and the ridiculous amount of rain that we get where I live, people drop like flies :)

    As for the lock changes… I was going to post about them, but I invariably get egg on my face from that sort of stuff, and I am too lazy to do the math anyway. There’s some great stuff over at YAWN though.

    Thanks for the well wishes guys!!!

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  6. Lol well wishes. Anyways its been an odd year up in the (Horrible currently, stupid market. THE US AND EU MARKET IS DEAD! If McCain gets voted i feel like moving T.T and im only 15.) USA. Its been super cool down where i live(South Carolina, take my advice and never vacation here, go 2 California where i was born and mainly raised.). were pretty close 2 very tropic weather and its been cool this summer, only 65-80. Normally its in the 90′s all summer long(it would be winter there, just an fyi).

    And dont bother w/ the math, just rant! Its a lot easier to just state the abilities and look at blue posts and say ” Hmm, there stripping us of our abilities and putting them on other classes and they somehow rape us!”

    And sorry for my raint, im kinda pissed cuz i missed 3 days of school and i have so much dam makeup work!

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