Anything at all that would resemble a high quality post! With all the great stuff that has been flowing around lately, I am beginning to get a little jealous and want to come up with a happy shiny idea all by my very self! I contemplated creating another picture post, but a) you have NO idea how long that thing took me, b) I can’t think of a topic, and c) Insert something here. So, instead, I will ramble on with… weird babble related to Matticus’ almost-romantic interlude. (BTW, if you are reading this Matt, I figured you were fair game since you splurted this all over the net this morning. If not, oops, sorry, feel free to blog some random embarrassing thing you find out about me!)

It all began this morning on Twitter when I dragged my sorry ass out of bed (having slept in due to a severe case of *Oh Em Gee I have Year 9 today Yuk Yuk Yuk – itis*) to find that Matt was stalking spying on peering over the shoulder of the girl in front of him in class, to discover that she was playing WoW. At first, he thought she was a Priest, which would have been love at first sight (heck, I may even be blogging the wedding right now!), but it turns out he was looking at a Warlock. Now, we all know that this definitely means she would have been very attractive and intelligent, but the foolish boy did not say a word, later claiming that Warlocks are ‘not his type’. *cue booing and hissing* All I have to say on the matter is, ’tis better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. Especially when it comes to spunky female Warlocks.


Now, this made me think of a total lack of this sort of incident when I was at university (and oh boy is it a good feeling to refer to uni in the PAST tense). I quite often played WoW at uni, especially in the classes of one certain Peter Peterson – no joke, that was his name! – which I found to be somewhat dull. Not his fault entirely, it was a course about picture books because I thought it looked ‘fun’. Turns out, picture books are only fun when you are in the mood for them.

Anyway, back to the topic. I quite often passed away the time playing WoW, desperately trying to level my poor warlock so that I could leave Stranglethorn Vale forever. Unfortunately for me, there was no one there to look over my shoulder and notice. Well, no one who would have cared anyway. WoW as a pick up tool for me failed badly in that case. Actually, looking back, I was dating a level 60 Warrior at the time, so I doubt I would have cared. It’s hardly the point though.

So, somehow bringing this back round so it has a semblance of making sense – always make sure you seize the opportunity. Especially if it’s a Warlock – we are real good at taking things nice and slow, and when you lose your soul to us, you will find you wont mind after all. Cross us, and we will feed it to the Felhunter as a snack. Just a friendly warning!

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  1. No worries Sar! Whatever I write or tweet about is FAIR GAME. BA Chat, however, is not ^^

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  2. On another note, I’d love to see a “12 Reasons Why Warlocks Make the Best Lovers” post ^^

    Matticuss last blog post..Priests, WotLK, and Wyn’s Thoughts

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  3. :) I don’t THINK I’d ever stoop so low as to write about BA chat stuff… unless I was having a really off day! 12 Reasons post possibly incoming…

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  4. [...] Here’s the back story. Last Monday, I had watched something completely unexpected unfold before my eyes. Girl in front of me, on her Warlock, playing WoW. Saresa was fuming because I mentioned that Warlocks aren’t my type. [...]

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