As you can see, there is a new poll up in the side bar. Basically, I was thinking that I really want to get into a proper BlogTV thing some time soon. While it is kinda fun chatting to my camera, I would much more enjoy talking to actual people, and hearing actual questions and ideas.

For the uninitiated, BlogTV is a place where a person can talk using their mic and camera to a bunch of people who talk back and to each other in a nice little chat box. TJ has done this many times with great success (or what looked to me to be great success), but it just doesn’t work out for me. Of course, it does have some disadvantages – you have to be there at the time to see it (unlike youtube, where you just watch it where ever), and it probably wouldn’t be too much fun if not many people showed up. Of course, I don’t expect masses of people to come see (I’m not that popular!), I just want to try it!

Anyway, get back to me, and I certainly won’t be crushed if people aren’t keen. Just answer the poll please!

5 Responses to “New Poll Up – BlogTV”
  1. Is that ‘EDT’ as in ‘Australian Eastern Daylight Time’?

    That would make you 10 hours ahead of the UK.

    Elfs last blog post..Sapphire Skills Up

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  2. The American EDT :) I am 15 hours ahead of it (I think…) Time zones are so confusing!

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  3. I think there is an American EDT anyway – Eastern time, at any rate. I basically randomly picked a time zone, so that people would know what specific time I was talking about

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  4. Well under 2 conditions:

    1) You specify the timezone cuz i dont wanna wake up at 2 in the morning to watch this, which bring me to

    2)Keep the videos archived cuz i dotn think everyone will always be able to watch them.

    il said saturday at 8 because thats when no good shows are on TV.

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  5. And heres another Idea, we could use vent/teamspeak(id prefer vent)! sure we couldnt see each other but at least you could chat with people whenever you are on. Plus i dont have a camera for my computer, my last one was for internet explorer and is like 8 years old…soo it sucks.

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