Just so you know, this is why I have been lazy blogwise.

1. I am a pig. A very messy messy pig. This means that I do have to clean up occasionally.

Don’t believe me?

Evidence A: My bed. As you can imagine, I have been sleeping in a very very tiny ball.


Evidence B: My floor! I found about 4 broken CDs and CD covers where I had dumped clothes on them, then stomped on them… oops


Evidence C: The bag dumping ground – I am one of those lazy people who drops their stuff right inside the door when they get home and then doesn’t think about it at all.


As you can probably imagine, going through all that took me basically all day. Then, I headed out for my birthday dinner, which was very tasty :).

2. Thanks to Siha’s fantastic post on Inscription, I was inspired to gather all my herbs so I would be ready for the patch. So time consuming!

3. I brought the rest of the books in the Twilight series (by Stephenie Meyer) on Thursday. This of course meant I had to read them all!!

4. I’m lazy, plain and simple. There will be more actual proper posts (especially rants!) coming soon, I promise!

I leave you with this reflection – herbing all day is a pain in the patoot.

7 Responses to “Lazy lazy me”
  1. Belated happy birthday, Sar! /hug

    Also, you have inspired me to update and post in pictures why I have been too lazy to write =)

    Trinas last blog post..Still busy. /sigh

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  2. Wow! That’s quite an organizational system you have
    going on there :)

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  3. Wow…that mess…is bothering me just to look at. I have obsessive compulsive disorder so i ahve 2 have some things(not all) neat. My room is one of htem and i wouldve, first thing, if i was to walk into that house was to clean everything up you lazy, lazy lazy dirty person! If you lived in the US your house would be filled w/ roaches! Im suprised there wasnt a spider there!

    Anyway start posting already! I wanna see another video on beta =P. I’m so hapy that in about a month and a half WOTLK will come out and i can finally start raiding again!

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  4. Actually, it is amazing her room isn’t filled with roaches since New South Wales is known for them. Lol

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  5. that’s what I hate about going north…

    Leave a house without roaches… bring back 20 starving roach families in my suitcase….

    Spend next month+ moving them on to a better place (I tried sticking them in an envelope and returning to sender…)

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..GoogledGnome #8

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  6. hehehe. You will all be pleased to know – no roaches, spiders, or other nasties. I also cleaned under the bed *shockhorrorgasp!*, and found nothing there either. The mess is a byproduct of having too many clothes and too little wardrobe space.

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  7. well…good for you to find no buggs/arachnids! God if you go anywhere else in the world and you had all of that stuff lying there i swear to you, you would have bugs everywhere! Only in Australia i guess *sigh*. Lucky buggers =P.

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