As I mentioned in Twitter, I have been catching up on my Twister Nether Blogcast listening (it involves me being able to sit at the computer for a while because I don’t have an Mp3 player). Now, in the particularly great episode featuring Nibuca, there was mention of making your blog pink to make it blatantly obvious that you are female. Nib said that she could not go that far, and that she hates pink. Actually, to rephrase that, she can not STAND pink. Now, you guys want to know a secret?

… I really do not like pink either. So much so that I was completely baffled when this blog became a revolting display of pink love. To make it even more confusing, it also became a pink and purple love fest! All my close RL friends would be able to tell you that this really isn’t me. It’s quite out of character. In fact, I think that the blog chose it’s colours more than I did. I know that I wanted to steer away from blue, because that seems to be a prevalent tone across many blogs. I included green, because that is my alltime favourite colour. The pink, well… I think it decided that it wanted to screw with me a little. To try and rub my femininity in my face (accept it woman, you are a girl!)

In all seriousness, it really just kinda happened. I was pretty insistent on some green in here, but I didn’t want an entirely green blog, because that to me suggests restoration. Total opposite of a Warlock. The header was purple, because that IS the Warlock colour, and I thought orange kinda contrasted well. Then I needed something to match, so we have a lilac sort of side bar, and a pink background.

It’s grown on me as well. For perhaps the ugliest looking blog in the world, I love it anyway. Perhaps I am the red headed stepchild of the blog world!

7 Responses to “In Defence of Pink”
  1. My blogs so brown it has to hurt peoples eyes … and I am far too lazy to write my own look lol

    Must say your blogs light, bright and easy to read. A Warlock buddy has me fairly convinced into submission on the idea that ‘purple is a warlock colour’ – so I never thought twice about the pink paint you have in the center ^_^

    greenhunters last blog post..Ringo the Lingo Dingo

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  2. Awww, well thanks for the positive feedback! So long as it doesn’t make people’s eyes bleed, I am happy :)

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  3. Your website is nicely laid out and very easy to read. I knew almost instantly, well I guess I didn’t “know” but had a pretty good guess that this was a girl’s blog. From the very neat presentation, to the color choices and even the emotion and way you write seemed very feminine to me off the bat.
    Some blog color choices either make it very hard to read the print, or so bright I need my sunglasses on. Your blog is a refreshing vacation from some other sites I visit often. Although my main is a mage, I enjoy coming here and just reading up on what you have to say.

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  4. Be PINK! Get on with your bad self!

    To be truthful I’m contemplating a redesign based on shots from the new Crystal Song forest ( .. all that purple with white tress is hauntingly lovely.. and I’m ok with purple.. I just can’t be pink.. can’t do it.


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  5. Hehe, I totally understand Nib. Honestly never thought I could either – I still maintain this place has a mind of it’s own!

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  6. I say go red, its the other warlock color and sence were gonna be forced into fire in wrath for destro i say make pink into a light colored red(again, not pink, light red!). Anyways… wow is at a standstill right now(wish i was in beta, your a lucky little…). My guild fell apart back in May or June so not much raiding besides the weekly Gruul, Mag and Kara. Though sence Aug 17 my game has run out and am currently working on school, though as we all know school SUCKS! I dont get why parents say “you’ll have fun” when all they did back then was talk and didnt pay attention (at least thats my family).

    Keep up the blogs and dont let it die!

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  7. Join the Proud to be Pink movement! Pugnacious Priest made a logo for us!

    You’re just ahead of your time. The future will prove us to be right.

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