We all remember the very first time we saw the Looking For Group channel (for some of us, when it was in its scary global incarnation). All those weird acronyms jumping out at us, weird words that we weren’t all familiar with. I remember often wondering what a Princess run was, or where the heck Strat was and why would you want to run it in 45 minutes with some dude named Baron? Not to mention the confusion of Dead Strat and Live Strat…

Well, I am sure that most of us have developed an understanding of all the abbreviations and acronyms, but there is one thing that I know for sure most of you guys just aren’t up to speed on – Good ol’ Strine (Australian lingo for the uninitiated). I don’t know how many times I have baffled people with my so-called ‘weird’ Aussie sayings. So, here’s a fast primer (with some input from the twitterati):


Bludger: (n) lazy person, although I for one am more likely to use the term ‘fricking lazy git’

Bogan: (n) Total slob or person with no class; quite often used to describe people from the country – like a more insulting version of ‘hick’. Also implies that they are socially backward

Claytons: a substitute or fake (from the advertisements for Clayton’s non-alcoholic beverage). Seen most often in Gnomeaggedon’s ‘Clayton’s Posts’

Barry Crocker – ‘He was having a Barry Crocker’ – a shocker; making mistakes left, right and centre.

Dunny – (n) toilet

‘Got the shits’ – no, not suffering from a disease, this one means they are cranky or mad. Had to explain this one to guildies the other day when I said someone had stormed off with the shits… took a while for them to comprehend

Loo – (n) see Dunny.

Stickybeak – (v) to go and have a look at; (n) someone who pokes their nose into other people’s business

Toey – (adj.) ‘As toey as a Roman sandal’ (Thanks Lass). Best described as how Warlocks make you feel when you see a post like this. Not safe for a family blog!

Tosser – (adj.) Once again not appropriate for a family blog, but a derogatory term used for those of the male gender.

Who says that we don’t have a vast and interesting vernacular!! Oh, and some things we do not say… ever (or at least most of us don’t):



“Throw another shrimp on the barbie mate!”


“G’Day” (I don’t think I have ever said this outside of singing the Slim Dusty song… but some people do use it)

Any other Australian terms you have always wondered about, but have always been too afraid to ask? Here’s your chance!

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  1. I have a slew of Aussies in my guild, though they’ve fortunately haven’t said anything that I couldn’t understand. I’ll have to remember these for when they do!

    Cynras last blog post..Snag Your Blizzard Authenticator Now!

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  2. I say g’day a lot. Way back I made a post in the forums and got flagged as an Aussie for using the term Bloody, as in bloody idiot. Apparently thats one that aussies are known for too.

    typhoonandrews last blog post..Warlock Play Tips

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  3. I raid on an oceanic server, so most of my guildies are Aussies, once they mentioned someone being a “bushpig” and needless to say I was confused haha. Maybe you could add that one to the list :)

    Kiyomis last blog post..10 Man Raids and Getting Ready for WotLK

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  4. @typhoonandrew Ahhhh yes, I say ‘bloody’ all the time! :)

    @ Kiyomi hmmmm bushpig… that’s actually a new one for me as well!

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  5. Sar! I love the slang and the interpretations :) Coming from Alaska I can appreciate/commiserate with you on the differing and confusing meaning of terms. I also thought it would be fun to share some of the slang you may hear from those in the far north….

    Going Outside: Leaving the state for any reason.
    Lower 48: The 48 states south of here. (Guess we don’t know how to refer to Hawaii)
    Cheechako: Anyone new to Alaska
    Sourdough: Anyone old to Alaska
    Cache (cash): A very small, food storage cabin. Elevated, out of reach of both animals and your children.
    Bear Insurance: Handguns – .357 or better, a 12 gauge shotgun, or a small, handheld, nuclear weapon.
    Snowmachine or Tin Dog: Snowmobile
    Musher: A person who travels in winter by dog sled. Yells ‘mush’ a lot.
    Permanent Fund: Money we get from the state for living here.
    Ulu: A native, half-moon, all-purpose knife. Pretty-cool actually.
    Bullchitna: Bet you’ve guessed this one! ………. it means BS.
    Stampled: Being trampled to death by an elk but popular among the Southeast Alaskans to include stomped on, crushed, flattened, chewed on, or otherwise clomped upon.
    Moose Nuggets: Moose droppings found in everyone’s backyard …. AND …. in all the gift shops ………. believe it or not – dried and cured.
    Bear Insurance #2: It’s the best protection of all ……… always be with someone you can outrun.
    Mukluk: No … it’s not something you just stepped in out there on the tundra. But rather, a very warm, fur boot ….. usually knee high.
    The Bush: Places in Alaska you can only get to by plane or boat. That’s almost the entire state with the many villages located therein.
    Termination Dust: The first, light dusting of snow – on just the very tips of the mountains. It’s a warning – the first, really big snow is just around the corner. This of course, triggers a huge shopping frenzy.
    Cabin Fever: When Alaskans start bouncing off the walls … from being inside those walls, way too long in winter.
    Skeeter Dope, Bug Juice: Mosquito repellant: spray, liquid, and roll on. Patches, bracelets, smoke rings, and citronella anything. We do have a sketter problem here.
    Alaskan Sneakers: Waders – leg, hip, or chest waders
    A Three Dog Night: It’s so cold, that two dogs snuggled against ya ain’t keepin’ ya warm enough.
    Combat Fishing: Casting a fishing line where 1500 other people are doing the same thing at the same time. Oh! … and you only have 12″ inches between you and those on either side of you.
    Twofers: Necker Bay sockeye salmon are usually much smaller than other salmon. The old timers used to get a dollar for sockeye but had to have two Necker Bay sockeye for that same dollar.
    Sing Song: Any concert, recital, or competition for singing.
    Breakup: The process by which all snow and ice finally melts away – but all at once. Real sloppy for about 2-3 weeks. For Alaskans, it means the end of winter and the beginning of tourist season.
    Borough: Alaska’s answer to the “county”. We have to be different – don’t you know.
    Two Seasons: We have two seasons – winter and road construction. Actually it’s road “fixing” construction.
    Sundog: A large, noticeable circle around the sun – on very cold days. Sun glasses really help enhance this phenomenon.
    Bunny Boots: Big, fat, white rubber boots that keep your feet warm to -65. But it looks like you’re wearing small boats.
    Spenard Divorce: A loud and sometimes fatal way of ending a relationship made famous in the Spenard section of Anchorage. Involves a gun.
    Moose Gooser: Similar to a cow-catcher on the front of a train. In Alaska, we GOOSE rather than cow-catch or kill.

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  6. Wow, nice Whisp! I didn’t realise Alaskans had a whole different language of their own :) That is a very impressive list!

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  7. Scott… as in “Scott no mates”… got no mates.

    “G’Day” – I actually say this heaps… one of the 1st phrases my 2yo uttered was “G’Day mate”, I was trying to get him out of plain old “hello”.

    Carn – Another one I caught my 2yo yelling at the TV one Saturday arvo (afternoon).. He was yelling “Carn the Blues”, even though Carlton weren’t playing that day. Carn = Come on

    many more that I just use unconsciously… which is why my wife is constantly telling me I need to learn English… Her family, all good textbook English speakers don’t understand a word I say…. they always look to her for translations (mind you the reverse is true.. I don’t understand proper English)

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Pirates day celebrations in WoW

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  8. Useful informations. Much appreciated.

    So, does ya ever tie you kangaroo down, sport? Tie you kangaroo down?

    Ratshags last blog post..Ortacles Goes Ta Stranglethorn

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  9. Only need to tie them down when we are wrassling the wild ones.

    The ones we use on a daily basis to go to/from home/work/shops/school etc, are generally well behaved.

    Biggest issue tends to be when we have the stampedes of wild ones down the main streets (Busy as Bourke St).

    But then we all just pull out our knives (You call that a knife… this is a knife), and go crazy.

    I just wish the government would organize an annual running of the Kangaroos (as opposed to the culls that go on all the time).

    I think every Australian should have a Kangaroo mounted on their bull bar, and an Emu fluttering from the radio antenna.

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