I have a deep, dark secret. One which I have never before revealed (well.. at least not to many people). I have a hidden interest in role playing. There, I said it. I know it’s shocking and hard to believe, but it’s true. A major reason why I haven’t even tried is that I seriously doubt I would be much good at it – I tend to be much better at the critical aspect of things rather than the creative. I guess I am also a bit of a wimp when it comes to the ridicule some people seem to think is OK to pile on role players. Of course, I don’t see anything wrong with role playing, but I just don’t know if I could deal with the crap every day.

In the interests of experimenting, I am going to have a go at some questions which Anna has posted up on her site over a couple of posts. I don’t think I will answer these in Q&A format, but rather some paragraphs. I guess I am just odd that way. I can’t guarantee that it will be interesting, but I think that everyone should have a go, if only as a creative exercise! Since I have spent some time in the last couple of days on my Hunter, I will stick with her for this post.

  1. What is your character’s name?
  2. Why did he/she pick his/her class?
  3. What’s the worst trouble he/she ever got into as a child?
  4. What is his/her favourite thing to eat?
  5. What does he/she have in his/her pockets?
  6. When is your character’s birthday? Does he/she know?
  7. What is your character’s favourite place in the world? Why?
  8. What kind of sense of humour does your character have (if any)?
  9. Is your character introverted or extroverted?
  10. What just irritates the hell out of your character?

Jaq Jaquenetta could not help but feel drawn towards the creatures of Azeroth as she began her training. It was hard for her to leave the magical path that others so clearly expected of her, but her affinity with creatures has helped her tolerate the disapproval of the other Draenei. She can not remember whether she was successfully following a magical path before the crash, nor can she remember her exact age. She gets the feeling she may have been a mage before her new life, as she still feels drawn in a small way towards mages. However, her new Azerothian life was a chance to make a fresh start as a hunter.

In her tenth Azerothian season she almost changed her mind, having some difficulty finding a creature she could bond with. Thankfully, she came upon Brutus, a nightsaber who was attacking a fellow Draenei. While Jaquenetta did the best she could to assist the mage he was attacking, her bandages were of no avail. She resolved to tame the creature that so viciously wounded the mage, and turn him to a path which would assist the Draenei. While the taming process was difficult (and Brutus stubbornly resolved to not love Jaquenetta) she soon won him over, and they are the very best of friends.

Jaquenetta is still very young, being in her twenty fourth season. That being said, she has shown an amazing capacity for getting into mischief. She can be quite clumsy when excited, and in eagerness to assist the Stillpine Furbolgs she accidentally jumped upon High Chief Stillpine’s tail. The diplomatic mess which followed got Jaq into a great deal of trouble, with Prophet Velen getting involved to help placate the Stillpine leader. Jaquenetta still carries the small tuft of fur in her pockets today, and strokes it occasionally as a reminder of the effects of her excitement. Even today she avoids situations with small groups of people where she could cause mayhem, and loves spending her time in the cities of Azeroth, especially the sophisticated and glamorous Human capital Stormwind, where there is always bustle and her excitable tics aren’t noticed so much. She loves socialising with people, and has an effervescent sense of humour. She does have reclusive moments, but these are generally caused by a clumsy hoof stomping a delicate Human foot in a fit of giggles!

Jaq springs back from these set backs pretty easily, although this is always helped by munching on a nice piece of Spiced Onion Cheese. Jaquenetta isn’t much of a meat eater, owing to Brutus’ meat loving diet – there is simply nothing ever left for her!

Jaquenetta does sometimes feel irritated by the killing of innocent critters. Her love for animals extends beyond the large beasts, and the unjustifiable killing of critters saddens and irritates her.


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