Homogenization (or homogenisation) is a term used in many fields such as chemistry, agricultural science, food technology, sociology and cell biology. Homogenization is a term connoting a process that makes a mixture the same throughout the entire substance.

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I suspect that I am going to be the lone voice in the wilderness here, decrying the new way like the complainer I am. Well, it has been a long while since I wrote a rant, and I think it’s about time…

I have issues with the new gear itemisation in Wrath. There, I said it. The writing was on the wall when they had to give Warlocks a use for that stinkin’ Spirit. Next thing you know, Pallies don’t need spellpower anymore for tanking, Druids don’t need anything anymore for tanking (since I hear they currently die like flies), and what the heck, let all mail be good for Hunters and Shaman alike!

Now, I know all the arguments for doing this. It will be easier to get drops now. There wont need to be such a wide variety of items. You will be able to go into an instance without thinking ‘There is absolutely nothing here for me, this place drops SFA for my class’. All good reasons, yada yada yada. Too bad that the whole thing is utterly jinkified.

The problem with making gear accessible for all classes who are skilled in that gear type (cloth, leather, mail, plate) is that it requires a lot of tinkering with the fundamental mechanics of that class. Basic things will not work the same way anymore. This completely changes most everything that was ever thought about a class. Sure, me getting my head around ‘Spirit = good’ is not that difficult. Other classes have a much tougher time adjusting than we locks do. I have to wonder if this is really at all necessary. Why fix something that simply isn’t broken (OK – isn’t broken that badly)? Do we need to homogenise gear THAT extensively?


Another major hurdle that I can see is the distribution of loot in raiding. As we all know, the most complicated pieces to handle are those which are good for multiple classes. In their effort to try and make things easier, Blizzard have actually made life more difficult for raid leaders by creating a situation where all your plate wearers will be fighting for the same pieces, and all your cloth wearers will be fighting for the same pieces. It will be more difficult to determine what pieces are best for whom, and as usual your DPSers will probably be left in the cold until every healer and tank has the gear.

Finally, I really get a kick out of the fact that different classes need different stats. It makes things more interesting, and certainly adds to the excitement of looking at a piece of gear and thinking ‘Wow, that is just great for …’ Now, everything is going to be ‘oh, yay, cloth…’ I think that will get tiresome very fast indeed. I also find it amusing that I was one of many people wanting more differences in gear for different specs, and the easy solution to this clearly was to just say ‘eh, we will just make it good for everyone instead’. Well… blah. How fricking boring.

I can’t say I especially object to the changes in class mechanics that have been implemented. Raid wide buffs are fantastic. Giving many classes similar abilities? Not so great in my book, but I can live with it (although I can’t say I really think Paladins should get an AoE heal for example… but that’s just me being ‘old fashioned’). However, this combined with the changes to gear mean that everything is starting to look awfully… the same. This is not what I would deem a creative solution to any problem. Yes, some classes needed better gear itemisation – badly. Was making everyone need similar gear really the answer to the problem? I don’t think so. Perhaps a bit more work could have been put into smarter solutions:

- Intuitive drops: I don’t know if this is even possible, but it would be great if items would drop in instances which could be used by the classes inside. It is incredibly frustrating seeing plate drop on a run with no plate wearers for example. Combining intuitive drops with larger loot tables would be fricking awesome. A lot more work, but infinitely more awesome.

Looking at it now, I actually can’t think of a better solution than that. Hey, I would have been happy with larger loot tables even so that all classes and specs had a chance to get something. Improved crafting professions to benefit ALL people who choose it would also be spectacular. I have no doubt Blizzard will address that anyway. I just don’t see how making things more generic is an adequate solution.

3 Responses to “Homogenisation? That’s Tauren Talk!”
  1. I see where your coming from in where you want all the gear to be semi class specific, but personally I like the idea of being able to wear any cloth item that drops for the most part.
    In what your saying, it seems you would more want items to have class restrictions to them in a sense, they may as well put warlock only, paladin only etc. on them. In essence thats how it is now, considering certain pieces are really only good for one type of class/spec.
    With the new homogenized gear you will be able to wear gear that before would have never been an option, and can create a more unique character with mix and matched gear that maybe nobody else has the combination of. Instead of now where everyone is going for the same set of gear, and nobody looks individual in their class anymore, they are all wearing the same things.
    Also, this gives the not so hard core players a chance at getting some better gear more often, which is not necessarily a good thing, but does help out the casual gamer.

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  2. I can tell what you mean also. Im not gonna like the new homogenized gear either. For one ima b life tapping waaay low now(thx to having no spirit on my dam gear!). And also as you said healers and tanks will get items first before us dps. In which case that had better not happen! I want to get my items in a raid even if a priest/druid(dumb one) is in the raid! I WANT MY GEAR AT AN EQUAL CHANCE AS A HEALER! Maybe i should make my shammy my main(wont though, warlocks still better) at least then i can roll on any gear =). Hope this doesnt effect much when it hits live. Anyways at lesat us warlocks get cool new graphics for our drains(but all classes got hit w/ the nerf bat. EVERY LAST ONE)!

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  3. I definitely have my reservations, and like you would prefer some kind of system that checks:
    - What classes present.
    - What gear do they have

    Don’t drop plate without plate wearers, and don’t drop that plate item if both plate wearers have it.

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