Coming to you through the wonders of video over the internet! I’ll probably talk a little bit about one of the Shared Topics (rather than writing a post about it), but I am sure that eventually it will take a life of it’s own, with hopefully some great input from who ever shows up (which means you guys will need to ask questions). Feel free to show up whenever, and it will all be in good fun :) I tested everything briefly today and all seems to be well, so fingers crossed!

Click HERE to go to the show.

3 Responses to “Don’t forget about BlogTV – tomorrow!”
  1. So, if i do go

    1) Will you make fun of my voice(im 15 and its starting 2 change, so many guilds i join make fun of it since there all 20+. Eh life on Arthas)?


    2) Do i need 2 install my webcam? Cuz its like 7 yrs old and i dont think thats a very up to date model…

    Well if i dont go have fun w/ whoever goes on there. Hopefully a couple of people will(wonder if horns will and well be able to see how he looks. i wonder if hes fat…)

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  2. :) No one needs a webcam except for me – basically I am on video, while everyone else can talk in a chat box. That way it doesn’t matter what sort of computer you have, all you need to be able to do is type :)

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  3. K and sry i wasnt on it, i was busy w/ real life stuff. But the good thing is ill probably do it next week. And also the PTR for 3.0.2 is out! SO I CAN FINALLY TEST MY WARLOCK! HOORAY!

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