I know that pre-expansion doldrums are settling in, people are having difficulty maintaining their interest in the game, et cetera, et cetera. I think that this is flowing over into the blogosphere… and not just other blogs. I am having an immense amount of difficulty writing anything of decent quality, perhaps because my play time has been so limited as of late, but also because I too am in a bit of a WoW slump. How has this come about, I wonder?

Well… truth be told, it is difficult to be inspired to blog about a class that you love, but is getting depressingly easy to play. It’s even hard to really take pride in your damage when all you need to do is mash one button. Sure, I do better DPS some days than others, but that is simply because of outside factors, such as group buffs, latency, frame rate, all that fun stuff. I’d honestly love to be able to do more with my druid, but my current situation makes this incredibly difficult – she is not in my main guild, I am reluctant to move her as you all know, and her gear is not up to par for anything that my main guild does on days that I can make anyway. Heck, I could try respeccing Sar, but I don’t think my guild would appreciate that at our current state of progression. Not to mention I just don’t have the gear to support an Affliction build! – Don’t even ask me about Demonology, it just isn’t me. My Hunter is the pet lover!

So, I want some help from you guys. I have come to the conclusion that I simply can not know what everyone wants to know about Warlocks. I can’t read minds after all! So, I was wondering what you guys were looking for information on or what you might like to know. I have considered compiling gear lists for pre Kara, but I honestly don’t know if there will be much demand for this in light of Wrath being on the horizon. Other things would be altogether too brief (such as what Professions would you recommend – Tailoring, Enchanting, or Alchemy are my picks. Personally I think Tailoring and Enchanting will serve most any Warlock well, with the tailored set being equal to or better than T4). Feel free to ask just about anything you want, and I will answer (within reason). Just leave a comment, send an email though the shiny nifty new contact form (go looksee!)

Oh, and consider yourselves lucky… it was almost going to be another video today because they are about ten times easier than writing at the moment!

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  1. Is there anything wrong with withdrawing from the game for a while? Perhaps only play during the raids and the odd instance when you’re excited about it.

    If the fun is not there then you’re only suffering by playing a lot. Embrace the change and get into something that you’ve put off, or ramp up a new hobby. I took a break a while back and read books like a madman.

    As for a Warlock question:

    If you could add a new warlock pet what would it be, and what special abilities would it have which is different from the pets we have now?

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  2. At the moment I only do really play weekends (although I am getting into my hunter alt, but I don’t know if you guys want to hear about that). The lock question I shall file away for a future post ;) thanks Andrew!

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  3. It is definitely flowing into blogs. I think WoW is in a major stall until Wrath hits.

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  4. Level 19 WSG tactics…

    Then I don’t have to write it, it will just be a direct link ;-)

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