Well, I have formed an opinion of BlogTV :)… basically I need to be more prepared! What was meant to be good fun and relaxing was a bit stressful because I was still half asleep, and I clearly wasn’t talking in a manner which encouraged discussion. Oh well, everything is worth a shot once or twice, and in that spirit I have scheduled a show for next week at 8pm Saturday Eastern (which incidentally is also my birthday). Hopefully the later start means that I will be a little more coherent, although if it attracts more strange folk who ask me if I want to look at their private parts I wont be too thrilled! Many thanks to Dechion for coming, it was great to see you there! Hopefully next weekend works out better anyway.

3 Responses to “Conclusion: Sar is very incoherent when just out of bed”
  1. Happy Birthday next weekend!!!! Doing anything interesting?

    Haha, and I just realized DestroSar means “To DESTROY!” in spanish :D Couldn’t resist telling!

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  2. Oh, that’s pretty awesome :) What a happy coincidence! As for my birthday, I probably wont do much, just sit around the house and bask in presents (fingers crossed for the external harddrive I asked for!)

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  3. Hmm, 8 pm Eastern is 1 am here, so I will probably be asleep. In that case, I’ll wish you a happy birthday now.

    Happy birthday for the weekend! I’d send you gift-wrapped sushi, but you’re on a different server.

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