Brewfesht is upon us once again! One of the most beloved of holidaysh, Brewfest allowsh ush to drink excesshive amounts of alcohol without having people glare at us and mutter nasty comments about ‘problems’, ‘drunkardsh’, or ‘dwarf wannabe’… hic! Of course, Sar frequently runs around with a hip flask stashed in her bags, but hey… she’sh a Warlock, she has to have SHOMETHING to cope with the constant whining from Mages, Priests, and the other inferior classes! Inferior I shay! *Shakes fist*

Brewfest as you all know is a shmidge different thish year – we have a boss to kill… hic! Shar likes killing! Especially after a few Thunderbrews, when her magic prowessh is second to none. What? You dishagree?!? *Shadowbolt!*

Unfortunately, my fantastical prowess was not recognished through any loot drops. Sar got nothing – because there is a Azerothian conshpiracy – hic! to rob Warlocks of their deserved loot… loot… loot which is deservedly theirs… hic! Well, while Sar got nothing, Hermia got mosht everything! Tisn’t fair! Shtoopid Drood… Need I mention she has fleas? AND doeshn’t shower? Tisn’t fair, Tisn’t fair… hic!

So I say that Brewfest is rigged. Brewfest be damned. I don’t care that I was excited about the free alcohol. Damn you Brewfesht! Damn you Dwarfsh!!… hic! *collapse*

P.S: It’s my birthday, surely today of all days I can get away with random incoherent posts, right?

3 Responses to “Brewfest”
  1. How unusual! Well cheers! and happy birthday to you! Hope it’s a good one!
    Have a drink today for the day that will live in infamy, 9-21-1985.

    Dakiarias last blog post..Day two and WotLK

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  2. You’re allowed to write amusingly incoherent posts like that any day, miss Sar! And happy birthday!

    Cynras last blog post..The Best Beer Festival You’ll Never Remember!

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  3. Hope you had a great birthday! *queues fireworks*

    hydras last blog post..Vent Quote of the Night.

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