I just found out (courtesy of WoW Insider) that Australians, for the first time ever, are able to purchase the telecast of Blizzcon from our Pay TV providers! Huzzah! It’s a bit expensive at fifteen dollars per day, but if you purchase both days you are able to get a code for the Blizzcon Mount. Let’s just say, I’m excited.

The telecast is at a god-awful time (4.30am-1.30pm), but seeing as I have a ball to go to the night before I may be able to live blog any exciting news that I see as it happens from the comfort of my very own lounge. We shall see if a) I am sober and coherent enough and b) if I can stay awake.

On other news, I have finished my practicum, and have been offered a 10 week position to fill out the rest of the year while I wait for a full time position next year. Very exciting! I even get to get PAID, which is a novelty! :D Because today was the last day, I went out to celebrate and wasn’t able to catch up on much WoW unfortunately. Not to mention it’s finals football tonight. Hopefully I’ll have more to blog about tomorrow.

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  1. It’s a good day to be Australian, not that it isn’t a great day usually… Lol

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  2. I have to admit, I’m jealous! I’m in Japan currently, and they don’t even sell wow here, so getting that Blizzcon mount is looking pretty impossible XD

    Enjoy the telecast and the mount!! :D

    Kiyomis last blog post..Where in Azeroth is Kiyomi?

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