Real posts should be incoming in a couple of days, when I feel back to my usual self. I will also possibly be doing BlogTV THIS weekend, Saturday 6pm American EST (so 9am Sunday for me I do believe). This all depends on whether I like my hair after tomorrow – I am a vain creature after all, and if I don’t like my new hair cut then I wont be doing it!

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  1. It was so easy to level with Affliction, and it was only when I started raiding that I tuned my talents to SM/Ruin and saw the beauty of shadowbolt critical hits.

    Being level 60 in the early days was also a blessing, because of the 60 dungeons initially allowing 10-man raids, and class raids were incredibly popular. It was more the case that rogues and hunters couldn’t get in groups because there were too many of them and class raids only allowed one of each class.

    Everything changed with BC, as you say, and crowd control became more important. Guild or raid group runs were the easier way to get in to a 5-man instance, and the harder way was to level a warrior tank to 70 and play that character instead. I hope grouping with warlocks becomes a better option in WLK, because they are the cuddliest creatures around.

    Take care of yourself, and try not to get too stressed. I look forward to when you can post more regularly again, and will enjoy the occasional post you make until then.

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  2. Im the only one who asked, lol(at least what i saw on that one post). So…i guess i wont find out till your on your deathbed and confess it. And somehow you need to fix your mic, i have to turn my volume all the way up to 100% and i keep it down at 15-20%.

    And your not the only one who has things that overlap real life and wow. I have friends that play it and i hang w/ em on wow and talk and such. Don’t worry about the guild thing, i bet thell take you back sooner or later cuz wrath is comming and as with BC guild break apart and reform all the time. Just like mine which we were raiding in SSC/Tk back in May and now were basically casually pvping.

    And everyone is having that problem with beta. It was the Death Knight rank 2 Unholy Blight. Somehow it messed up the ENTIRE servers(your lucky you have a beta key, GIMME THE ACC!).

    And with the warlocks we now have crits, instant corruption, demo form now keeps pet and ruin is a 5 point talent. But everyone levels warlocks as Affli, i was one of the few people who(on my server, which is BIG) leveled as affli for some reason. And im sooo happy we wont have to be destro for dps anymore. Ima stay to my roots and stay demo. BTW what spec did you say you will be at 80 when you raid? And yes post your talents.

    And wewt my framerate is 15-20 right now but its fine for some reason. Hope my comp doest blow when i get the expansion. Don’t stress, do w/e you need to do(just promise to tell us in 10 years).

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  3. Hey! Sorry to hear you’re going through a tough spot. Hope things will clear up soon!

    And a note: Never feel pressured to say things that you don’t want to on the web. Even though we love reading what you write and may feel some connection, your business is your business, and if you don’t want to tell everyone on the internet about it, don’t!

    And another note: I thought the name “DestroSar” was fun, and noticed that when I try it myself, AfflicNic, it rhymes! Oodles of joy abound!


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  4. @ Rocke Yeah, mic issues are a big pain in the patoot. I suspect my headset mic does work a little better, even if the dicky look of it grates badly with my vain streak ;)

    @Nic Love the new name! That’s so cute!!

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  5. I wonder where this vanity streak of yours came from. *Grins innocently*

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  6. Hey, sorry to hear about the troubles, I hope your real life stuff works out alright.

    The guild I’m currently in was a group of 10 shunned out of a 25 man raiding guild for attempting to work together to get bear mounts. We just recently got our 10th and final bear and I think we’re a little lost without a goal. I’m not sure what point I was trying to make here, but getting out of a 25 man raiding guild mindset is tough, its kind of disorienting not being dirt poor trying to buy flasks/ consumables and whatnot. In any case, I hope you get a chance to play around in the beta and have some fun!


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