There are many things that I have always wished tailors could do. Of course, being that I have just gotten out of bed and have an hour before I have to go to school, I can guarantee half of them will have vanished into the ether.  I’ll give it the old college try, hey?

1. Basic repairs

I have always wished that tailors who happened to be cloth wearers (so, the vast majority of us) could perform some minor repairs to our clothing. I have always viewed tailoring as a bit of a money sink (Never having made money off it because selling bags is rarely successful, and I am too lazy to sell the specialised cloth), and something which would help us save money would be great.

2. A tailor-only, BoP bag

Tailors can make an astounding array of bags. However, I think we should be rewarded for our goodness in making bags for all by giving us a larger than usual bag pattern, just for ourselves. Doesn’t really hurt the other classes, doesn’t force people into tailoring like the epic sets did for min-maxers… just a nice reward.

3. For the girls

I know my female bank alts would love a cute handbag offhand! Not so sure what I would make the guys though… a pointless hand puppet? An oversize wallet? *shrug* A briefcase would go well with my banker’s tuxedo, but that would of course require a leatherworker. Drat. Of course, most people would kill to have a genuine Saresa handbag, especially after some clever marketing in the Trade channel.

4. Discoveries!

I am firmly of the opinion that all professions should have some form of discovery. Of course, discoveries work well with alchemy because alchemists are making things all the time. However, I would have loved to have discovery attached to tailoring while I was levelling as some form of reward for making umpteen zillion of the same pair of pants.

5. Embellishment

Thanks to Nibuca for the suggestion when I was stuck, it would be wonderful if tailors could add a customised symbol to their cloaks (similar to tabard symbols I guess). What would Sar have? A Felhunter rampant of course!!

Improvements implemented in the patch/expansion which I loooove:

- Flying mount in the form of a flying carpet

- Increased chance of getting cloth drops off humanoids – FINALLY

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5 Responses to “5 Improvements to tailoring and why we need them”
  1. How about a MAN purse?

    THough i’d never wear one.

    Matticuss last blog post..Will Flash Heal Become Mainstream? 4 Points

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  2. I’m sure you’d wear one if I made it stylish enough… I am sure one with pompoms would match your priesty wimpishness… um… I mean… gentleness? Niceness? Bah.

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  5. Good ideas! I especially like the “discoveries” bit. I think that the crafting aspect of the game should be a bit more interesting, perhaps even allowing for freestyle or customizable recipes. As it is, it’s a pretty static part of the game that could use a kick to the pants.

    Teshs last blog post..Atlantica Online So Far

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