Came across this interesting widget this morning while going through my reader. It’s one of those widgets which provides you with a stack of information (albeit probably completely useless stuff), and I always get a kick out of those. Introducing the WoW Armory Character Distribution Widget! Basically, if you put in a character name, it will give you a variety of statistics about that name. You can choose whether you want to look at EU or US servers (or both), and it runs off the respective armories. Here is a quick breakdown of how Saresa fared *Warning – Interpretations of the statistics may be completely skewed by bias and lazy math*

Overall: 44 Saresa’s exist in the World of Warcraft (not counting those below level 10, who do not exist in the Armory). The vast majority of these are Human Females. A significant proportion of these are also Warlocks. Gee, I am just so original…

1. Class Distribution: 35% of Saresa’s prefer Warlock!

class distribution

2. Gender Distribution: Most Saresa’s are girls… 2 are guys, which is a bit confusing because I wouldn’t consider it to be a very masculine name. Eh, have to have gender benders everywhere, right?

Gender Distribution

3. Race Distribution: Overwhelmingly, Saresa’s are Humans, the superior race! (Or the other white meat, depending on your perspective)

Race Distribution

4. Faction Distribution: Go go Alliance! 39/44 Saresa’s say Alliance is where it’s at! Face it, Dwarfs have the best pubs around, and Humans clearly are the most fashionable of us all (don’t believe me? See the above chart!)

Faction Distribution

One other thing that I would love to see would be a level distribution chart, because it would be interesting to know what level we all are. In the realm of impossibility, I’d also like to know which were mains (which could be achieved if Blizzard somehow had a ‘mark as main’ thing on the log in screen), and how old each of them are. Is there a Saresa older than me? Heck, how old am I? I don’t even truly remember how long I have been playing for! I am all for that information being available on the Armory (just because I am a curious bug, although I could see how people could use it to be discriminatory).

How many of you are there? Go have a look!

Note: If you look up more than one character, please ensure that you hit the Submit button, not your enter key, or it will just generate the results from your previous search.

6 Responses to “44% of Saresa’s recommend…”
  1. If you want a rough history of your character, is a good place to look. Here’s Saresa

    Joels last blog post..The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons

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  2. Very nice. Heres a breakdown of the Rockeroad’s:

    1 person named that

    1 male

    1 human

    1 warlock

    1 alliance

    I’m sooo origional! And i bet your name was first then those ppl copied you. Anyways have you seen the new racials? HUMANS GET FEIGN DEATH! Ill link it for you(and everyone who will read this) and hopefully you guys will like it. Alliance finally is better with all of our racials.

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  3. Hmm, 74 characters called ‘Knifey’, and 64 are rogues. Mind you, I wasn’t trying to be original that time, and ‘Stabby’ was taken.

    137 ‘Stabby’s and 124 are rogues, by the way.

    Elfs last blog post..Failure to Communicate

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  4. I am a very unhappy Gnome now… :-(

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..All(the)top Mages in one place

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  5. [...] Saresa brought the WoW Armory Character Distribution Widget to my attention in her post 44% of Saresa’s recommend… [...]

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  6. woo.. im the only shrinkedge.
    1 male
    1 mage
    1 undead
    1 horde

    sweet, i like being the only one

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