I will try not to let the real life anger float into this blog post. I will be nice and happy, I swear (although it is hard after having some 15 year old boys spend an hour swearing at you and being little jerks).

Firstly, a small administrative issue. I was looking at my blog today at school, where they only have internet explorer on the computer (heathens!) and I noticed that all the things in my side bar had bullet points next to them. These do not show on my computer in IE or Firefox, and I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue. If you have bullet points appearing, just email me or leave a reply and let me know. I will try to find a solution, although that could be hard considering I suck at this CSS stuff.

Once again, I am inspired by Kestrel to draw yet another school/raiding parallel. Funny how it works like that! I was complaining in Twitter about the students in my class this afternoon, and Kest asked if they were in my raid. Well… it was kinda like a raid in a couple of ways.

1. Generally one kid is a ‘boss’, the rest are just trash.

Nasty sounding parallel, but it’s true. My class on a normal day has one kid who is the leader of them all, a couple of followers, some kids who are fine if you don’t do something to stir them up, and some genuinely nice kids. If you get the ring leader under control, most of the time the whole class is fine. If you don’t, the rest of them aggro as well.

2. Preparation is everything.

If you aren’t prepared for a lesson, you will wipe. Almost a 99% guarantee there. Especially in a rough class, where they will go nuts if you aren’t 100 % organised. Today was a valuable lesson in point, where I had organised a powerpoint to be projected in the room. However, a crucial cord had gone missing, which meant that the kids had to try and see it on a laptop screen. As some were too lazy to move and couldn’t see, they misbehaved. If you aren’t 100% prepared for a boss fight, he will do something that you don’t expect… just like kids!

OK, so the teaching/WoW analogies might be getting a little old… but it’s all I can think of after a stressful day! /hug everyone!

3 Responses to “Teaching = Raiding?”
  1. Interesting parallel. I associate 5-man raids with any RL teamwork, especially in my work, where everyone is good only in their area. So if one doesn’t do his job on time, whole project “wipes” and doesn’t meet the deadline. Then we all pull the aggro of the boss, of course :)))

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  2. As one who was recently on the other side of that environment, I totally agree with the analogy!

    Or maybe it’s the other way around! The tanks are the average kid who still needs to be taught and therefore need attention, the angels are the healers (obviously, because they specced into Spirit of Redemption), and the DPS are the asshats who annoy the teacher until they get aggro and are destroyed! Though instead of the graveyard, they’re sent to the principal’s office… =P

    We can’t all be angels, but we don’t have to be asshats!

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  3. I found that a lot of sites look different if you’re using different browsers. At the house I use both the most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox to test out my site. Looks awesome. At my old job we had IE5 as our browser (how antediluvian!) and the site doesn’t look the same at all.

    One of the things I used to do when doing webdesign for more than just myself was to have multiple copies of each browser on my computer. I had IE5, IE5.5, IE6, IE7, Firefox (since Netscape, Firefox, and Mozilla Suite all had the same Gecko rendering engine, I could get by with not having to download too many browsers there), and Opera 7 and 8 on my PC. This would allow me to test the design on multiple browsers and platforms.

    The best thing to do is check your domain statistics for information. For example, for my domain this month up to yesterday the breakdown for browsers visiting was:

    * Firefox: 32221 (60.8 %)
    * MS Internet Explorer: 15730 (29.7 %)
    * Safari: 795 (1.5 %)
    * Mozilla: 710 (1.3 %)
    * Opera: 343 (0.6 %)
    * Netscape: 109 (0.2 %)

    Looking deeper, I can further see what percentage of people are using different versions. For example, we’ll look at IE because I know that there can be huge differences between different versions.

    * Msie 7.0: 7463 (14 %)
    * Msie 6.0.2900.2180: 1 (0 %)
    * Msie 6.0: 7946 (15 %)
    * Msie 5.5: 303 (0.5 %)
    * Msie 5.01: 4 (0 %)
    * Msie 5.00: 1 (0 %)
    * Msie 5.0: 12 (0 %)

    As you can see, the vast majority of my visitors that use Internet Explorer use IE6 and then IE7. That’s almost 30% of my total hits. So if I design the site to be compatible for these two versions, I end up getting the maximum amount of bang for my buck. I get even more if I make sure that my site looks good in Firefox browsers since 60% of my hits are from that browser.

    You always want to make sure that your site is accessible and viewable to every person that visits. However, if you’re not a webdesigner and if you don’t have the time to dedicate to making it awesome for every conceivable situation, checking out your domain’s stats will help you determine the areas on which you should be focusing first. For me, that would be Firefox 3, Firefox 2, IE6, and IE7. That’s almost 90% of the hits that I’ve gotten this month alone. If I can make sure that things look right in those browsers, I know that the vast majority of my visitors are seeing exactly what I want. I can then go back and tweak the site for those older — often older — browsers when I have the time and inclination.

    However, overhauling the site so that it looks good for IE5 (which ends up being less than 1% of my total hits) just is asinine!

    Seriously, domain stats are a wonderful thing. Most hosts automatically set them up for you, which then become accessible through your CPanel. I personally like Advanced Web Statistics (awstats) because it shows a lot of information without trying to look “pretty”, but any information that is correct and relatively up-to-date will be beneficial!

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