A new shared topic over at BA is ‘What would be your character’s theme song’? Of course, Sar’s sheer awesomeness means that she doesn’t get just one song – she gets about 10! I decided that I would look at 5 of these from a raid perspective, start to end.

1. “I Want Candy” – Aaron Carter

One of the first things every one wants when we enter a raid is healthstones. Suddenly, there is a chorus “Where’s the Candy? Where’s the Cookies?”. If you really hate the thought of Aaron Carter – so if you are sane – you can substitute for Cookie Monster singing ‘CookieCookieCookie!’

2. “Fuel” – Metallica

Can you think of any better song for “More DPS damnit!!” Just the first few lines alone capture the feeling of being a pewpew DPS machine.

3. “Who Will Save Your Soul[s]” – Jewel (I threw in the ‘s’)

Why, I will of course! In a nice shiny shard bag, to feed to my demons. Provided, of course, there’s plenty of trash to save them from.

4. “Gloomy Sunday” – Rezso Seress

Warlocks are infamous for killing themselves at the drop of a hat, especially if a wipe looks remotely likely. For something less obscure, also listen to “Killing me Softly” – the Fugees (and many many other people), or “Chop Suey!” by System of a Down

5. “Bring Me To Life” – Evanescence

Who is it that brings that rezzer back to life to rez your bums? Us locks! Now where would you be without a Soulstone?

What songs would you use for your character? Do tell!

5 Responses to “Sar Tunes Up”
  1. Fuel FTW! =]

    turboliuxs last blog post..Koncertas “Už Gruzijos ir mūsų Laisvę”

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  2. My perky priestess Csilla is a bit of a dreamer. She’s practical at times, but she does dream pretty big. She’s claimed she’s a warrior, a shaman, a hunter, a rogue (oh, man, roleplaying her in a dungeon trying to sneak by mobs while singing her own theme song is fun!), and who knows what else. But she’s still a teenager, trying to get accustomed to her own body and trying to understand her place in the world — something compounded by the fact that she’s one of six children and never really felt needed as a child.

    So, Csilla’s theme song is a remix of a track from the video game Shenmue by the notable Arkimedes: “Dreaming While I Wake.” When I first heard this I totally thought of Csilla.

    Cynras last blog post..A Treatise on Roleplaying for the Neophyte Roleplayer

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  4. I roll a hunter as my main with a jaguar for a pet so here are a few of mine.


    “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” the Wimoweh verse is great farming music


    Hard to go past “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. “Pleased to meet you, hope you get my name!”


    I enjoy Pink Flloyd for raiding. The soothing “Comfortably Numb” calms the nerves after wiping.



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