Succubus? Bat? Demonic Gryphon? What would be the perfect flying form for a Warlock? That my friends is the question posed in this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! I am a fan of the shared topic, I must admit, since a) it helps me beat the writer’s block and b) it tends to bring some more traffic over here, and when we are sharing the love I do like to get greedy and hog more than my fair share!

I have long had gripes about the lack of a Warlock class flying mount. I had gotten somewhat accustomed to getting my mounts through quest chains, and really hated the idea of riding a boring old gryphon. I’m a lock, I am meant to be above that sort of lowly peon transportation, best suited to Mages and those other pesky people (you know – Hunters, Druids, Warriors, Shaman, Rogues, Priests and Paladins). However, I have often wondered what I should ride, should Blizzard be kind enough to come to their senses and give me a flying mount.

I used to just ponder upon the demonic creatures which have wings, but you know what? Some of them have faces! Most of them have faces! I can’t ride something with a human like face! Can you imagine the jokes? Eeeeeeep. So, that rules out succubi, other random winged demons, and also Illidan, despite the fact that would be kinda cool.

So… something winged and not with a human like face. Well, after seeing the absolutely laughable skeletal gryphon, I don’t want anything gryphon related. I want it to be memorable, or distinctly warlock-y.

Nah, a demon rabbit makes NO sense. In all honesty, I think a demonic unicorn would be spectacular. I absolutely adore my Dreadsteed, so if he could fly that would be pretty nice. I could also cheat and say that since Druids get to shift into their flying mount, Warlocks should turn into a flying demon – perhaps a weird evil fairy for gnomes hehe. Humans of course would be succubi (yes, even if you are a man!). I’ll leave the horde mounts up to you guys.

As a completely unrelated aside, I have made another vid, despite proclaiming I wasn’t going to until I got a new camera. I won’t put it on here, because it isn’t really relevant – it’s a response to TJ’s video. I took the ‘remove glasses’ advice, and so am pulling weird faces when I try to read. Not to mention it is also super quiet due to bad microphone placement. Next time I may have to wear my headset – scary!

Edit: How about a demonic flying murloc?????

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4 Responses to “Oh, to soar upon the wings of a giant”
  1. A winged dreadsteed! Or something like the nazgul (sp?) rode in the Lord of the Rings movies. I’d love that! :)

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  2. Have you read the story about the Sundering (you know, when Rhonin and his crew had to stop Sargeras from escaping the abyss)? Basically, the good guys road dragons and the bad guys rode these phase-shifting demon bats. Of course we wouldn’t be able to do the whole phase-shifting part, but riding demonic bats would be pretty cool imo.

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  3. Gargoyle! Absolutely, 100% gargoyle. :)

    Sihas last blog post..The What Now? Dilemma

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  4. Ooooo, great idea Siha!! I think I should write the Blizz devs ;)

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