I don’t know if you guys have missed them especially, but I am in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned rant. I know that it has only been a week or so, but I do love getting angry about stuff! Today’s victim: The WoW hater.

Every WoW player has had the misfortune to meet a WoW hater. They come in all guises – the ‘concerned’ parent or partner who just hates the game, the ex player who believes that everyone else should ‘kick the habit’ as well, the friends who declare it to be a waste of time, and the people who may even play the game and resent that you spend more time in game than they do. They are everywhere!

The issue that I have with these people is that they are incredibly one sided. An argument I often have with family members is that I spend about the same time playing WoW as they do watching TV. I would argue that playing WoW, where I do have to think about what I am doing and where I get to socially interact with people from all over the world is much more valuable than spending my time parked in front of the idiot box. Their counter to the argument is that they can get up and leave the TV at any point in time, while I can’t just up and leave in an instance. Both sides have valid points, but I think that mine is certainly the strongest.

The ex WoW players also really tick me off. Not all of them, mind you – I don’t mind people quitting the game. The ones who then feel like they have to convert every other WoW player to their ‘it is evil and time consuming and life ruining!!!’ cause are the most irritating of all. I don’t understand why they believe that their poor decisions they made while playing the game mean that all players are hopelessly addicted, and why they just will not believe you when you say that you don’t have a problem.

I also read some comments recently where someone stated that people who ‘take pride in defeating a raid boss or leading a guild need to realise that they have a problem’. Now, wait a minute here. Why can’t people take some pride in their achievement in the game? I also take a great deal of pride in other aspects of my life, and some of these things are pretty darn inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I got a HD for one of my assignments last semester. Does this really matter? Heck no! Many people get good grades across their courses, and many people don’t care WHAT grades they get (after all, P’s make degrees!) I am also proud of the fact that I was once an officer in a guild, that I have downed several raid bosses, and that I have topped the damage charts a couple of times (while still doing my job and not dying!) Should I not be proud of these things? They are still achievements which took me a long time to achieve, and which relied on me being able to work in a team and use all sorts of real life skills.

My achievements (or lack there of) also enable me to write here now. I may not be the best writer in the world, but I am sure proud that I was brave enough to give it a go. The same goes for those silly videos – they aren’t great, I am just learning as I go along, but hey, I’m trying and that is something. So you WoW players out there – you may not be the best. However, regardless of where you play or how well you play, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the game, and there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you achieve. Those who say otherwise and think you have a problem can stick it up their nose!

5 Responses to “Monday Moanings: Please don’t be hating on me”
  1. I suppose I’m just lucky in that all of the “wow quitters” I know had to stop because RL interfered. Had nothing to do with “fighting an addiction”.

    I’ve run into people who hate on the game but not on the players of the game.

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  2. /appluad

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  3. I tell the “haters” to Eff off. It might be rude, but isn’t that what they are being to you?

    Who cares how you decide to spend your time. After all, it is exactly that – YOUR TIME.

    Some like Nascar, some like football, some like FoodTV, some like porn, some like WoW.

    And, besides, it could be worse … your addiction could be crack cocaine. :P

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  4. Jess said it all, but I will repeat anyway…


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  5. I agree. I suffer from the fiance who hates WoW though she has not been as bad lately (having her try it probably helped a little). Also, I make sure that I put aside plenty of time for her so that she doesnt feel like the game is more important than her.

    People that hate on WoW usually just dont understand it.

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