For the longest time I have wanted a T-Shirt depicting me fishing in a moonwell. It all started when Kalf said I just HAD to have a WoW shirt for when we go to pick up our copies of Wrath of the Lich King (apparently it involves getting to the shop RIDICULOUSLY early to be first in line since they give away prizes and things), and I said that I would have to get one made up of me fishing in the moonwell. Why? Because it ticks him off!

Anyway, I really suck at arty stuff, as you all know. Absolutely horrible at anything which involves pictures, drawing, painting, colours… so, I am throwing it out to you guys. Here is my tentative mock up of what I am thinking – feel free to change it a LOT, because my design is a bit meh.

The intention is there, but the execution is lacking. Shame really! The rules are as follows:

- Max size is 3000×3000 pixels (which takes up a significant amount of the front of a shirt)

- Try to make it something which will work well on most colours please! (which is a major issue with mine). Mine looks kinda dicky on a shirt anyway, since it’s on that nasty big square background.

- From what i have read, pale colours will have the colour of the T-Shirt kinda show through.

I also have an idea for a second T-shirt. No mock up, but the theme is “Evil: the person who takes the last cookie!” with a soulwell ;). Well that, but better phrased.

I don’t really expect anyone to buy these shirts except for me, but I will probably put up a store just in case ;). I’m only doing it because I want my Moonwell T-Shirt! I guess the winner can have one as well, if they like. I am thinking a 2 week deadline should be sufficient. If you have any ideas, email them to me at destructivereach AT yahoo DOT com DOT au please!

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3 Responses to “Looking for Talented Artists”
  1. I’z fishin yer moonwel….

    …lootin yer wisps

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  2. Heeeeey! What about the one I made for you. Not gonna show our lovely fans that one? :P

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  3. TSK… and what’s with this OUR stuff hey? :P

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