When I write gear posts, one thing which I really do not make clear is that I always consider value for money in my advice. I may not always recommend the absolute ‘best’ thing that you can get in slot, or enchanted on that item, but I DO recommend what I think is the best thing at a reasonable price. I do not see the sense in purchasing something that is insanely over priced for what you get out of it. I also take into account what the average person is doing with their time – I assume that most people who might find my posts useful are at a level of progression which is equal or lesser to myself, not further along. What would someone in Sunwell be looking at my ideas for anyway?

Anyway, the point of this is that there is a much better pair of gloves in the game than what I have. Actually, there are two pairs which are better and could be considered to be attainable by anyone (one through badges, and one crafted), but the increase in quality between the two badge pairs is really not enough for me to ever worry about upgrading between them. However, there is a wonderfully, amazingly, beautifully awesome pair of gloves which can be crafted from a pattern which drops in Sunwell, which blow mine out of the water.

Sunfire Handwraps versus Studious Wraps

Currently I have the Studious Wraps equipped. These are relatively cheap (60 Badges) and I have yet to see a replacement drop from a boss I have defeated. They have served me well, and I think they are a pretty sweet pair of gloves. However, clearly the Sunfire Handwraps beat them hands down (tehe, sorry, couldn’t resist!) With better socket options, 12 more crit, and 13 more damage, they are much heftier than what I am wearing. Of course, there are always other considerations, as I said before.

The mats for the Sunfire Handwraps are fricking INSANE. There is no other way to describe it. 10 Shadowcloth, 10 Spellcloth, 6 Sunmotes? Jinkies! Talk about a gold sink and a half! Sure, you COULD plausibly farm all the mats, especially if you were a tailor. It would be slow, waiting for that cloth cooldown to finish, and bloody painful. Trying to get ahold of 6 Sunmotes I gather would be hard (I am basing this merely off the experiences of people I know who frequently farm Sunwell – they get a nice stash of gems, occasionally a pattern, and rarely a Sunmote). On my server, Sunmotes go for around 1k a pop.

A Warlock in my guild just got those gloves made for him. He is my nemesis on the damage meters, pounding me senseless, and he takes minmaxing to a WHOLE new level. I shudder to think how much these set him back, and the first thought that occured to me was ‘Are they even worth it?’

There are two responses to this. The minmaxers amongst us would argue that they are clearly worth it, because they are the best that can be attained without having to kill anything. Some raid leaders and guild leaders would also argue that they are worth it – we all know that everyone should strive to be the best that they can be to assist progression.

I come (clearly) from the other school of thought. While I believe people should be geared to a minimum standard for a boss fight, I don’t believe in wasting valuable resources and time to overgear yourself extremely. Gloves like that are probably absolutely fantastic if you are fighting in Sunwell. They would even be nice for Illidan and Archimonde, although clearly not required. For a guild like mine, who is 2/5 MH and 3/9 BT, I would consider it to be a waste of resources for sure. Of course, it IS your time and gold, so it is really up to the inividual. This is just my two cents.

Disclaimer: This post is in NO way influenced by the Green Eyed Monster. I swear! Ok… well maybe just a little.

3 Responses to “Is your gear worth its weight in gold? Literally?”
  1. I completely agree with you.

    Pretty much the same reason I did not get whitemend crafted when I hit 70 and started Kara. If I recall I farmed out the Lifegiver britches from Ramparts and had a Crown of the Seawitch made (much delicious stam to supplement my Primal Mooncloth set)

    Same reason I am using green “of the bandit” rings and legs on my hunter, waiting for something better to drop.

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  2. *snicker* jinkies… you should cuss more sar, never fails to entertain me :P

    Awesome gloves obviously (if not the best around, definitely in the top couple of options), but I’m in your boat – such a MASSIVE cost for a small (relatively) return. Still, I guess if you have the money, you’re certainly not going to need to upgrade them any time soon…

    Oh and I’m sure that my comment most certainly is influenced by the Green Eyed Monster ;-)

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  3. I have recently considered (and written about) upgrading:
    My weapon enchant to Sunfire @ 1,000g
    My gems to Epic quality @ 3,600g

    These are probably the best upgrades I am likely to see before WoLK.

    What I realised was that the +spell damage on each of these things worked out to 100g per point.

    Readers have dissuaded me based on current level of progression and closeness of WoLK… but I must say it is tempting when the cash/mats are sitting in the bank

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