Actually… why bother? Truly, most of the warlock glyphs that I have seen come out of the beta are a massive pile of poop. I won’t go into a great amount of detail about them, as they are listed on WoWInsider and YAWN (btw Horns, you aren’t banned, but are certainly on probation!! :P), but I will mention how disappointed I am in the quality of the glyphs Blizzard have given us so far. Many of them seem to be tuned to PvP, which is a real share for us raiding Warlocks who would love a little more oomph to our spells. The PvE tuned ones are seemingly aimed at improving our crowd control to a small extent (such as Glyph of Banish and Glyph of Succubus), and decreasing mana costs of spells such as Shadow Bolt and Conflagrate. While reduced mana costs are nice and certainly mean less tapping, all in all I would really rather see something different!

One thing which I would be VERY intrigued to see the math for is the Glyph of Conflagrate, which gives you a 10% decrease in the damage done by the initial damage of the spell, but then adds 20% to each tick afterwards. Unfortunately, I suck really badly at math, but I am hoping that TeePee is kind enough to perhaps look into it for me. Please??

Horns wrote at the bottom glyphs that he would like to see, and I also have a couple to add of my own.

1. I will repeat his request for a glyph which gives us green fire!

2. Glyph of Shattering – increases the threat reduction of Soulshatter by a further 25%. A total threat wipe would be considered to be overpowered by many, and I don’t know if I can survive the QQing that would follow. 50% on a 5 minute cooldown is absolutely ridiculous though – and it costs a shard! Another acceptable version would be to reduce the cooldown to 2 minutes.

3. Glyph of Impishness – gives your fire spell critical strikes a chance to allow your imp to cast while Phase Shifted for 5 seconds. Honestly not sure how well that would work out in terms of power and class balance, but it would give my imp a use besides a stamina buff. That and it sounds kinda neat!

4. Glyph of Soulstone – so I am kinda cheating here, since it is an existing glyph. I would change it though to a chance to gain accelerated mana regeneration or some such thing – MUCH more useful for both wipe recovery and healers popping back up mid fight.

5. Glyph of Rickroll Vision – grants the Warlock the ability to spot a rickroll on the forums straight away, rather than being sucked in for over ten pages.

2 Responses to “Glyph me up Scotty!”
  1. About #2, why shouldn’t a warlock get a total threat wipe every 5 minutes? Rogues and mages do! Just a thought =)

    Dezdemones last blog post..Tanks be Prejudiced When You Pull

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  2. Ouch, I’m busted :(

    I doubt we’ll be scraping for mana in Wrath, if Lifetap stays the same and with the addition of spirit on our items. I think most of us would rather see +1% damage on shadowbolt than -10% mana.

    I don’t see how a total threat wipe on Soulshatter would be considered overpowered, even if it’s on a lower cooldown. Vanish and Feign do the same I believe.

    If you want a raiding topic for your next post, write about Soulshatter vs. Invisibility. Frankly, I don’t understand why mages always whine we have better aggro dumping spell; you can’t spam SS and it can get resisted, unlike Invisibility.

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