There has been a stack of discussion lately about females and gaming. I have stated my thoughts somewhat incoherently in the following video, but I might just write them out as well at the end of this post since my written word makes much more sense than my spoken ones! Feel free to read or not read if you watched the video, as it will be pretty repetitive.

Video is now back up, last time I checked there was sound the whole way though, lets hope this one works

Personally, I do not understand all the fuss that there is about female gamers. Of course, there are going to be some who exploit the fact that they are female (and I have unfortunately met a couple of women like this), and there are going to be others who try to hide their gender so that people don’t discriminate against them. Personally, I just treat it as a total non issue. I don’t go out of my way to mention that I am female, although people generally pick it up through the way I write or things I happen to say. They certainly realise when I get onto vent! I don’t expect people to start treating me any differently or to act any differently around me once they know either – I am still a person who is interested in the same game as you, as well as many other things. Personally, I think that the ‘fat slob who lives in his parent’s basement’ stereotype is much more harmful to the gaming community as a whole, and the MMORPG community in particular. MMORPG’s seem to attract most of the flak for being responsible for ‘hooking people on games, ruining their lives’ etc etc. I am sure that everyone imagines the typical WoW player to be an unemployed lazy slob living off their parents or the welfare system. I personally do not know a single person to fit this stereotype. Most of the players I have met are intelligent people with families and active social lives. In fact, I am probably the most reclusive of most of them, and I still have successfully completed a degree, and, believe it or not, do make it out of the house occasionally!

Other things mentioned in the video include ‘Why Shadow Bolt is bound to the number 2′ and a quick mention of Matticus’ SYTYCB big question he had.

6 Responses to “Chick? Who cares!”
  1. excellent post. I have never run into a problem with gamers that happened to be female because they were female. Perhaps I am lucky in that regard. I have run into people I did not get along with, but it had nothing to do with gender.

    off topic, the audio cut out for me about 1.5 minutes in. Right about the time you donned a blanket.

    Dechions last blog post..830 Days

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  2. Great vid…kind of. Might want to redo the video sooner or later cuz it died riiight after you put on the blanket/jacket(i didnt hear what it was!) And yes im new to this site and i wanted to say HI! Got this from horns on his site.

    To the topic of the well…topic. Ive never had a problem with girls in this game. In fact, one of my alts is in a raiding guild with mostly girls in it. I find it cool how you guys play, just means more friends to make!

    And as an fyi on my main its a 70 warlock named Rockeroad(love the ice cream and the ONLY name that has ever not been used for me). And that alt’s name is(get ready) Shatnershami. And guess what? Hes a shaman, lol.

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  3. *Siiiigh* the video didn’t work again!?! I am wondering if it’s an internet issue now, because it did work on my computer. I get the feeling things aren’t uploading properly to youtube. Guess it’s back to the drawing board. Thanks for letting me know guys.

    OK… I just checked, and it looks like it’s something with my computer, which is going to be hellishly complicated to work out.

    Anyway, thanks for popping in Rockeroad, always nice to meet a new person in here! Great name too ;)

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  4. New edit – this deserves a HUGE oh my god I am a total idiot… I managed to mute my microphone… *slaps self up the head*. Will remake some time today hopefully.

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  5. Lol nice u muted the mic! Made my day a bit. Anyways…back on topic. I’m the same way with the key thing. When i move some of my spells around(did it recently cuz my curses were spread around, my incinerate wasn’t even on my 1-11 keys(and i have a merc stealth keyboard so i dont use the actual keyboard, it has it on the side =D)Then when i move them around i click/press the same button and it screws me up then i try to change it back then im use to the other one! It pisses me off to no end(curse my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!) And lol, you never changed the auto attack? Eh i didnt change it till level 15 when my melee sucked and everyone was saying “use shadowbolt and dont melee!” felt like a noob then =(.

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