I have always thought that the idea of Blog TV sounded like fun. Of course… I could run out of stuff to talk about (although that’s rare), or no one could show up, in which case I would be talking to myself. So… Blog TV. What do you guys think? I’d even invest in a new cam (maybe, if I have the money) because my laptop one kinda ticks me off.

So: Blog TV or no?

If yes, what would you want to hear Sar ramble on about?

Reminder of potential issues: For those of you who may have listened when I appeared on the Epic Dolls Podcast, you already know I have an annoying voice. I also currently have a coldsore – yes, I have reverted to ‘herpesface’ phase. Time zones also suck – and I am bad at maths, so I screw them up even worse than usual.

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3 Responses to “Blog TV?”
  1. Might be a fun experiment! I’ve been dabbling with a podcast idea myself with a buddy of mine, but it hasn’t quite gotten off the ground. A friend has told me that my voice is too good to waste on just our raids…

    I’d come to listen/watch! Since this is your first, a good idea would be discussing yourself, why you got into World of Warcraft, what appeals to you, and so on. Don’t make it too technical and let things go with the flow. Oh, and if you’re not good at public speaking, make sure to have a script of some sort. It can be as simple as an outline of what you want to discuss and when, but it’ll be helpful!

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  2. Lassirra, over at The Hunter’s Mark, has made a couple audio blogcasts, which have been well-received (well, I enjoyed ‘em, anyway!). Perhaps you’d want to try that first?

    At any rate, I’d certainly give a listen (or look)!

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  3. Just ramble, I’m missing the aussie accent so much lately… silly canadians don’t think aboot how to pronounce their words properly.

    the timing of your cast i think would be the most important thing – the australian time zone doesn’t play well with the US; needing their beauty sleeps and such; i’d definitely give it a look however :)

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