Hi, my name is Saresa, and I have Writer’s Block.

Since I actually logged on to WoW for the first time in four days, I figured I would find something interesting to blog about. Unfortunately, this was not the case – unless I do a dull as old biscuits “We killed Solarian, and guess what dropped? Nothing at all pertinent to a Warlock!” style post. Not much happened at all, apart from a very short discussion where I (with the help of Siha - thanks!) had to clarify that Warlocks are NOT losing our Death Coil spell. There seems to be a rumour going around that we are losing that spell (one of our bread-and-butter PvP spells, and one of our only defenses against melee!) I would like to state here, for the record:

THIS IS NOT TRUE. At this point in time, you are still able to learn Death Coil from the Warlock trainers in the beta. The only thing that I can come up with to explain this is that Death Knights are also getting an ability called Death Coil, which is completely different to the Warlock version of the ability (for starters, there is no fear component). Death Knights get this ability because they had it in the lore – I have not heard anything about Warlocks losing it (and honestly, I do not believe Blizzard would do that). Stress less locks, all is well so far!

Now, let us hope I can find something to break this Writer’s Block (Blogger’s Block?) With Elune’s help I’ll overcome this terrible affliction.

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4 Responses to “Blocks, coils, and other things”
  1. Elune’s help? Tish and pish, go and have a cup of tea with Lord Banehollow. I’m sure his charming anecdotes will soon have you once again scratching at parchment with quill and blood.

    Elfs last blog post..Basement of Flying Daggers

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  2. I would have been one unhappy lock had this rumor been true. Although this is the first I’ve actually heard about it.

    Sorry you have the dreaded block. I hope you’re able to get past it soon. :-)

    Netras last blog post..Here’s a thought

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  3. If feeling lost – i look towards the Wow forums _ ( especially guild relations where the most drama happens… ) for inspiration, or at least something I have enough thoughts about to write – worst case I at least get a chuckle over the drama..

    Zahrahs last blog post..Learn2JUMP ( off the Rock on EOS )

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  4. @ Elf Hehehe, that might be a better course of action! If Elune is one of those vengeful Gods, well… she might still be a little pissed with me for the ‘Moonwell Incident’

    @Zahrah I might have to give that a try! Nothing like a visit from the old Drama Llama to spice up the day (so long as it is just a visit and he isn’t sticking round).

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