When you only have 60g between both of your characters in beta, you really should be careful in how you spend it.

1. Don’t blow 7g on a haircut! While Herm looks undoubtedly prettier with her nice new hair… it really wasn’t a wise investment!

2. Train your crafting profession before your gathering one: Sar is a miner and a tailor. Stupid stupid me trained up her mining well before her tailoring… way to go, me! So, until I get a mule copied over (with gold stolen from friends and guildies)… I can’t learn tailoring. Siiiigh.

3. Try to quest, as much as you hate it: OK, so I am in the beta, I should really quest, right? After all, how else am I supposed to level/find bugs/whatever else I am MEANT to be doing in there. Will get around to that, I swear, once I am past the ‘OOOOOOH shiny!’ phase.

4. Have fun entertaining people with your new abilities. It’s cheap (ie – free), and everyone gets a kick out of it. I had several requests for screenshot poses for my shiny new demon form… and yesterday I took it one step further and scared the pants offa everyone with my awesome leap-like ability. I would say what it is called… but I can’t remember, and when I tried to log in to check the beta needed another patch. I know, frustrating, isn’t it? I am sure one of my friendly commenters will fill in the gap for me.

My only complaint about this?? Why can’t I be a GIRL demon?

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5 Responses to “Beta on a Budget!”
  1. Hrm, a girl demon would probably look like a Succubus. That would be totally kewl!

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  2. OMG I’m so excited for WoTLK! How uber is demon form? Does the utility live up to the graphic?

    Nic Ws last blog post..Warlock Tip – Be Prepared!

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  3. The demon form utility seems to be pretty cool so far! I will certainly try to find the time to hit at least 75 and keep everyone informed. It’s just nice to have something which feels like it might stand up, at least for a small amount of time, to melee attackers.

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  4. the deamon form sure changes a lot :( in Blizzard WWI Paris it was black and greenish which looked much better than this purple-black form. well, lets hope they come up with something cool like dreadlord Varimathras, not just boring black-[insert your favourite color] type of demon form =]

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  5. At least you have roughly 2k gold to play with on the beta now! Thanks to a certain drood. Heh heh.

    And more coming your way!

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