OK, I know it is naughty to sit reading my subscriptions when I should be preparing for work, going to work, doing work even. However, I am sure you will thank me when you clicky on the linky and have a look. Remember a little while ago I did my usual whining about Spellstones and Firestones? About how much they suck? Well, check out this!

I sure am excited – Spellstones and Firestones potentially useful? No longer taking up a valuable spot usually occupied by my wand? Yes Please!

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2 Responses to “Before I go to school – SQUEE!”
  1. The last time I tried to tolerate using a spell/firestone was when they were equipped in the off-hand and I had to look up that they are now equipped in the wand slot.

    As I clearly haven’t looked at the spell for two years, anything that makes them more useful is welcome!

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  2. Yes, I was the same. The only reason I remembered that they are now in the wand slot was I made them the other week when I wrote about how craptastic they are :) I am so happy Blizz are fixing them up!

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