Sorry everyone, been insanely busy, promise to return with a real post soon. Please don’t hate me! *pulls out hair*

I really need to learn to say no. People ask me to do stuff, to go to stuff, to help out with stuff, and my inability to say no is creating many problems. I just worked out I currently do not have a free weekend all internship, which means that I am stressed and panicking all the time. I also am one of those weird people who can not cope without having any alone time, and I wont have any of that at all for… well… the rest of the year, really. The having to do crap for people is really annoying though. So, let’s all say it together -

Just say NO!!!

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  1. Oh no! I hope you pull through! Just keep telling yourself, “only 364 days left…” “only 363 days left…”

    I’m not really helping am I? SRY!

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