I will admit, I was in a bit of a kerfuffle over what I should blog about the last couple of days (the lolcats didn’t give that away?) Well, after some discussion in the BA Chatroom, I have decided to share with you a strange and horrible secret -

I am not perfect.

Seriously… I am really, REALLY imperfect come to think of it. There are so many strange or stupid things which I have done, and odd things which I did not know.

1. I had immense trouble levelling fishing. When I was a wee low level warlock, I thought it might be a good idea to level fishing. Don’t ask me why, these things just strike me randomly. Well I purchased my fishing rod, and happily cast away in the Stormwind canals… again… and again… and again… to no avail. After about thirty minutes of this, I complained to my then partner “I can’t seem to level this fishing up!” Well, he came over, he had a look… and then informed me you actually have to CLICK the bobber when it, um, bobs.

2. First Aid is for Wimps: Go have a look at Sar’s Armory Page. I’ll wait. *whistles idlely* You back? Cool beans. You see what Sar’s First Aid skill is at? Yep, that’s right. It’s BAD. When I was levelling, I made a half hearted attempt to level first aid, but just found it to be too much trouble when I was using all my cloth for tailoring. Besides, I had drain life, right? And healthstones? Who needs silly bandages? And yes, I still raid with that horrible first aid skill, and look immensely guilty everytime they say “DPS, you will just have to bandage yourself”. Dang. I occasionally think of levelling it… but I never have the gold. It’s very sad indeed. If it makes you feel better – Hermia has full first aid!

3. How do you swim? For the longest time I just did not understand how you made your character dive underwater. I avoided all underwater quests for as long as I could, because I was just to afraid to ask. Eventually, someone told me. It also meant I could finally use Underwater Breathing – usefully! Huzzah!

4. When I hit 70 and learnt Seed of Corruption, for some reason I decided it was much better than normal Corruption… and so used it all the time.

5. I have, on occasion, soulstoned myself. Or a tank. Or even a random DPS!

6. I levelled destro. ‘Nuff said.

7. I foolishly brought a horse at some point, because you could buy it at a much lower level than you needed to ride it (not sure if this is still true). I thought I had found a loop hole in the system! Boy, did I feel stupid.

8. Believed someone for a second when they berated me for pulling aggro with my Life Tap. For those of you who do not know, Life Tap generates 0 threat (don’t believe me? see here). You can not pull aggro with Life Tap. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a total fool. These afore mentioned fools will always back up their argument with ‘My main is a 70 warlock, I would KNOW’. Stupid people. I just wish I had remembered their names so I could humiliate them (because I am mean like that). In fact, just to prove this… I am going to get Kalf to melee a mob, in Tree Form, with me just life tapping. I am sure if it pulled aggro, I could pull off a meleeing tree!

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5 Responses to “Yes, yes, I am a noob”
  1. I remember drowning in the NighElf starting area because I couldnt work out how to swim.. I wasn’t alone, there were several other bodies in the water

    pugnaciouspriests last blog post..Night Elves Shadowmeld for Priests in Battlegrounds

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  2. Jessamyn fell OFF teldrassil because I had to see what was on the other side of the waterfall. I was convinced that my game was over because she was dead, and couldn’t get out of the water! Thank god my guildies told me how to use the map, and swim to Rutheran Village:)

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  3. Well it’s nice to see I am not the only one who can have a noobish moment or two… and lots of them seem to related to swimming! Perhaps Blizzard ought to implement a ‘learning to swim’ quest… and perhaps a hunky lifesaver to help out? ;)

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  4. It took me until after clearing Karazhan a few times to level my First Aid, because I had the same thought about it as you. It wasn’t that difficult for me, though, since I went back to the Old World and levelled Mining at the same time.
    Oh, and I drowned on my Undead Rogue once. My Undead Rogue who had 4 underwater breathing potions in his bags. His guild will not let him forget it :(

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  5. I did my fair share of stupid things. The funniest is when I first started playing (the cap was still at 60) my friend told me I could jump on his mount. Yeah, not so much.

    Also, I totally didn’t know how to work vent. It took me months to figure out how to change the volumes and crap.

    Or about the time I didn’t realize that drain life didn’t mean mobs couldn’t kill me. That was awesome.

    Demonetras last blog post..I’m a troublemaker

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