Like every class, Warlocks have a veritable arsenal of strange, mysterious and bizarre spells which they can unleash with a twist of the hand and a flick of the wrist (and occasionally spitting over your right shoulder for good luck!) Some of these spells we use every day, others we use… well… never! Let’s have a look at five of these lesser known spells and abilities, shall we?

1. Eye of Kilrogg. Yes, Warlocks can summon a green eye of visiony doom. Well, maybe not doom – he doesn’t really do much… at all. The Eye of Kilrogg is a spell which I have never seen put to practical use throughout my whole warlock career. Sure, I’ve used it to scout around occasionally, or just, well, to be stupid really. I have heard that it can be put to practical use to pull mobs, and to look for pats around corners, but I have never tested the pulling thing.

2. Spellstones and Firestones. Most warlocks don’t use a Spellstone or a Firestone past level 60, or as soon as you get a decent wand that actually has some spell damage on it. Both are aimed at increasing damage in some way (the max rank Spellstone provides 20 spell crit, while the Firestone provides 30 Fire Damage). The only reason I personally have ever found for using a Spellstone at a higher level is in a situation where you have no Magic effect dispeller in your group, and there is a chance of you getting a really bad Magic debuff, as it can also remove all harmful magic effects from you (3 min cooldown). Firestones have a completely useless buff where they ‘enchant’ your weapon to have a chance to cause fire damage when attacking. Totally, utterly useless! Please fix our stones!

3. Ritual of Doom. Many people forget about the doomguard (and occasionally the infernal) simply because they aren’t commonly used pets. The doomguard especially is a rarely used pet because it is so difficult to summon. Having to do a quest chain to get the doomguard is also another reason… many Warlocks don’t even know about the doomguard! To be honest… I have not got the spell myself, just out of sheer laziness. However, I have summoned a doomguard once, thanks to a super lucky Curse of Doom proc.

4. Sense Demons. Yes, Warlocks do have a tracking ability! Not really useful, although it came in handy once upon a time in Dire Maul, chasing that forsaken imp around!

5. Curse of Idiocy. Ok, so I am completely cheating here… however, it was ONCE a Warlock ability, which reduced the target’s Intellect and Spirit (increasing it’s effect over time to a maximum of 90). I do believe it was in the beta of World of Warcraft, and they scrapped it. I guess you could also throw Shadow Ward in here so I am not cheating… our oft forgotten but sometimes useful shadow bubble! Great to use on fights where you anticipate taking a bit of Shadow damage (Netherspite, anyone?)

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6 Responses to “That’s an Eye of Wha’?”
  1. I don’t remember ever using my firestones as well. I did use my spellstone in BGs but I felt that sacrificing stats and spell damage to dispel 1 debuff is often not worth it for me.

    And yes, I only use Eye of Kilrogg for fun. Haven’t found any real use for it yet XD

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  2. I think I used the Eye in ZF, and that’s pretty much it.

    And yeah…Sense Demons doesn’t happen, I keep my herb one on.

    Never use either of the stones. Didn’t seem practical, but thanks for that tidbit about the removing. I’ll use it now.

    Oh wow. I didn’t even know about the doomguard. Sad.

    I would use the shadow ward if it would hold off more damage, it’s sort of useless though. :-)

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  3. Firestones are ridiculously dumb. The only time I remember having seen one used was when my SO was bored and decided to go melee warlock, with firestone and fiery enchant and maxed out swords.

    The SO marks on our raids and will often use the Eye to scout ahead and mark raid targets. Very handy on those ramps before Aran.

    Doomguard and Infernal are always welcome guests on guild parties, which is just about the only time they’re ever used. The biggest fun is when you open the portal to summon the doomguard and then one of the summoners gets sacrificed and the cursing begins. ;)

    Shadow Ward is actually very helpful, on many fights. There are many bosses in 5-mans with mostly shadow damage, it helps a lot with avoiding pushback and high damage in Arcatraz, Mana-Tombs, and so on.

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  4. The only semi-serious use for Eye is in SSC when you’re approaching Tidewalker – if you scout up with your eye and agro him before you start going down the hallway, that mob of murlocs stops patrolling the hallway (i *think* its murlocs, its been ages since we hit Tidewalker… there’s some mob that stops patrolling, I remember that much at least).

    But totally with you on the rest – shadow ward i do use a bit, but its less than spectacular, no argument

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  5. You can indeed pull with the Eye… in fact, I’ve wiped groups with by doing so before. >_>;;

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  6. the firestone is actually usefull up until lvl 69 when you need to AoE in 5mans. once you hit 70 and get SoC, it obviously becomes useless.

    for some reason, its never occured to most locks while leveling that our 2 AoE’s were both fire and a firstone works quite well with them.

    toss that all out at 70 though.

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