Sorry that there hasn’t really been much of a post today… again I am frantically working on things for my internship, and am feeling slightly too harried to make much of a blog post today (lets just say that in between writing a literature review for something that I technically haven’t researched, and trying to devise entertaining and interesting units of work about something that most people find deathly boring, I am kinda stumped!

So, in lieu of a real post… you can have my lame lolcat style pictures! Yes, this is all my stressed, addled, CONFUSED brain could come up with!

You got a better caption? I’m happy to hear suggestions, as mine are rather lame!

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2 Responses to “Quiet!!”
  1. Shush, so I can not spell… leave me be! (Just a tad pre-emptive, but I know someone *ahemKalfahem* will complain).

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  2. Kalfurion says:

    Tran”S”formers! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!

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