The other day I said that enchanting a warlock is a fairly simple business. However, I guess it may not be all that simple to some of us! This is my guide to the enchants which I chose for Sar, why I chose them, and occasionally some viable alternatives which I think should be considered.

Helm: Glyph of Power.

Fairly easy to obtain, at what I consider to be a reasonable price (considering how rarely helms get replaced). I honestly don’t think there is any better out there.

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Orb.

I am Scryer, so this is the obvious choice for me. Aldor warlocks can also go for Greater Inscription of Discipline. Both choices are almost equal, although I am a fan of the spell crit on mine!

Cloak: Subtlety

I wrote a fairly lengthy post on Subtlety, so I wont rewrite it all again!

Hands: Major Spellpower

Gloves are a tricky proposition, because there are 3 very viable enchants that you can have. At the moment I actually have Blasting on my gloves, which I think is almost as good as Major Spellpower. If hit is an issue for you, there is also Spell Strike, which is a great enchant to boost that all-important hit!

Chest: Exceptional Stats

I personally do not believe there are many good enchants out there for warlock chest pieces. Basically, you are torn between Exceptional Stats and Exceptional Health (Exceptional Mana is also a possibility if you are really lacking in that department!) The only reason I value Exceptional Stats over the Health is that you get the benefit of the plus to intellect, which does yield you that smidgen more crit.

Legs: Runic Spellthread

Runic Spellthread is simply the best caster enchant for legs that you can get, and is also cheap and easily available with Primal Nethers no longer being bind on pickup. If you are in the middle of gearing yourself up and don’t want to blow the gold on expensive leg enchants, you can also go for the much cheaper Mystic Spellthread.

Boots: Fortitude

At the moment, the jury is out on which boot enchant is the best – Fortitude or Vitality. The only reason I came down on the side of Fortitude is that it is a cheaper enchant, and a little bit of extra health never goes astray on a boss fight. Also, being the spec that I am, if I know that health is going to be an issue I sacrifice my voidwalker for the extra 200 health every four seconds.

Bracers: Spellpower

Obviously, once again the spell damage enchant is the best one to go for here.

Weapon: Soulfrost

There are 3 enchants which are viable for warlocks to have on their weapon: Soulfrost, Sunfire, and Major Spell Power. I had Major Spell Power for quite a long time, but when I got a weapon I was satisfied I would be keeping for a while (and I have had it for maybe, oh, 6 months?) I spent the gold and got Soulfrost put on it. Soulfrost would obviously be beneficial to most warlocks, however, our firey friends would clearly prefer a Sunfire enchant.

Oh, and if you really want to give it a test run… Deathfrost would be interesting, but I would suggest that the proc would not make up for the lost DPS.

Have fun with your enchanting! Oh, and enchanters, do not forget about your +12 spell damage to rings!

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7 Responses to “On Enchanting a Warlock”
  1. Is Soulfrost really the weapon enchant of choice for destruction locks? My partner is the best destruction lock I know, and she sticks to 40 +damage as she feels crippled on use of Immolate and Conflagrate if she chooses Soulfrost.

    My own lock is currently on hold, I haven’t really felt like playing her for months. I’ve always been affliction, but hate affliction in TBC and feel that non-tailor cloth wearers have gotten the shaft. :(

    Kadomis last blog post..Blog stuff

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  2. It all really depends on your gear level when it comes to Immolate. At my current gear level, I actually lose DPS when I cast Immolate, so I just never cast it. TeePee wrote a fantastic post on Conflagrate (Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Cast Conflagrate, over at ), so I won’t bother to re-explain the math behind it all, but essentially the GCD kills any worth that Conflagrate has.

    Essentially (based on absolutely NO theorycrafting whatsoever, just gut instinct and field testing) I found immolate to be good up to about the 900-950 plus damage mark. At this point, I was losing DPS, because my Shadow Bolts do more damage for the time spent than my Immolate did, especially with an adequate amount of crit stacked.

    I do agree with you completely on the point that if you don’t tailor, you got kinda screwed in TBC. I guess I can see it from both sides – it is frustrating for non tailors that the tailored sets are often on par with T5, and tailors are finally glad that their profession can actually make them something good (it was really lame just making bags, let me tell you). I guess sometimes it really is hard to please them all.

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  3. Yeah, I know that every single tailor is totally thrilled about the stuff you can make now, and that’s great, but that still means that tailoring is a must for a min-max type of player like me. But I just couldn’t stand the thought of giving up alchemy. I could drop herbalism now as my rogue is a 375 herbalist as well, but at this point I don’t care enough anymore. Sometimes I ponder going destruction because the other half loves it so much, but then I am too lazy.

    I will have to read the Conflagrate bit, sounds interesting!

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  4. Alchemy thank goodness has gotten a fantastic buff with the new SSO rep recipe (?) for the trinkets. While it may not measure up to some of the tailoring patterns, it is darn nice (nice enough that I have contemplated dropping mining – which I never use – for it, but I don’t have the gold to sink!). It is a shame people are forced into tailoring though – I do like variety in professions!

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  5. @Kadomi: Depends on where you are in your raiding, I think. My little Doozie specs as “Shadowbolt Spambot” when she raids and I have Soulfrost on one of my Nathrezim daggers and use that. But when farming I have the regular ol’ “Spellpower” on the other, so my curses are boosted with the felguard out. Now that I’m not raiding as much, I generally use the Spellpower all the time.

    … and yeah, I still love my Tailoring, even though I’ve broken the Shadowweave set bonus now.

    Doodles last blog post..Alts on Parade, Part 3 – Gankydoodle

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  6. I can’t believe no one commented on your boot enchant choice. Hands down, the best choice is Boar’s speed. Vitality is nonsense as it only adds approximately 1 dps for destro locks. This gives you a choice of Boar’s Speed and Fortitude…a difference 3 stamina, and a gain in movement speed. This does a LOT actually. It lets you get out of AoEs faster and it lets you get to where you got to go to start casting sooner. Those are way more valuable than 3 stamina imo.

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  7. Hmmmm, I really didn’t consider Boar’s Speed much myself, simply because I really think it is insanely overpriced. While the movement speed would be great on certain bosses, my stingyness still makes me lean toward the Fortitude. Then again, I have always been fairly quick on my feet anyway :) so getting caught up in things is rarely a problem. The movement speed buff doesn’t seem to be especially ‘fast’ anyway – our MT has it, and I manage to keep up with him well enough. I could say it’s because he is a gnome with stumpy legs, but then I’d be in trouble from the gnome lovers…

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