Now that Hermia is starting to get some super dooper epic looking gear, I decided that I should blow some of her hard earned cash on some enchants. I looked up all her enchants on Thottbot, thinking that it would be a simple matter of finding the right enchants and writing down the mats. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

With Sar, finding enchants was a relatively simple process. There really isn’t that much variety in enchants, and it is easy to tell which ones are better for you. However, with Hermia, there are SO many! There are enchants for stamina, for agility, strength, armor, dodge, defense, you name it they have it! Now, we all know that I am a total noob when it comes to druiding, so I was totally lost on what I should get. After some thought, I have decided that for the most part I am going to go with agility enchants. I picked these solely because my agility is rather low, so my dodge and crit are both lower than I would like. More crit equals more threat, and more dodge equals less death.

Now, any druids out there who actually know about this stuff, feel free to give me some pointers!

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  1. I hated trying to gear up my off-spec stuff on Soft for that reason – feral specs are so confusing!! I’m sticking to my doomkek for now, but there are a lot of good lists out there from the big bear butt and the like. Bound to be something on WI too I would imagine ;)

    Softis last blog post..I had a dream…

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  2. Wiccaetius says:

    Softi is correct, the BBB did a great job here ( about recommending gear and enchants. Mainly, with 3 points in Survival of the Fittest, you need to be at 415 defense (or a mix of defense and resilience, long as you can’t be critted) and then go for Agility and Stamina.

    There is a +15 defense enchant to chest as well as a +defense to bracers if you need it. Also make sure to grab either the Keepers of Time head enchant (+def and +dodge) or the Shattered Sun head enchant (+resilience and +stam). In addition, the exalted Aldor/Scryer shoulder enchants are very nice (+def and +dodge) at exalted.

    I grabbed +15 def to chest, +12 stam to bracers, +15 agi to gloves, Clefthide leg armor, +stam to boots and +35 agi to weapon in addition to the KoT head chant and exalted Scryer shoulder. Definitely helps.

    Good Luck.

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  3. Thanks for the advice guys :) I went with pretty much the same enchants as you did Wiccaetus, which puts me at a little over the def. cap, but I figure that that will not hurt for when I replace my Clefthoof stuff. Still have yet to get the Nethercleft armor that I want, simply because I am too lazy at the moment to farm all the leather! I didn’t really need much more in the way of defense anyway (I made sure I was capped before so that I could go into Kara without dying every five seconds ;) )

    Now, Hermia should be OK to attempt main tanking alot of Kara, which will be interesting (and scary!)

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  4. Whisperel says:

    K Sar, here is my post :)

    Feral druids need agility! Get your defense to 415…thats all you need to tank (remember no uncrushable for us poor doodads). After you get your “magic number”, go totally for equal parts of stam and agil with your gems and chants. With fairly little effort you will see 27k armor, 18k HP, and 40% dodge. Healers love this of course until you get the back to back to back crushing blows that take you for a ride, but that is why we are the tanks and Wym is throwing out HoT, smite, smite, HoT, smite, smite, omg huge heal, smite, smite, HoT, smite, smite(rinse and repeat).
    I have read in may places on the forum boards that the best druid tanks at end game content have 70% dodge and only 17k HP. I know I play my druid a bit different than most, so I would take a look there for more info

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