Now, I have always known that Ammana (one of my DB guild mates, and good friends) is a dab hand at sewing. Thanks to WoW Insider, now you all know!

Squee! Grats Amm!!

(Oh, and to those negative commenters out there, I find it amusing how you feel ‘brave’ enough to attempt to insult a complete stranger through a basically anonymous forum. I really have to wonder about how secure you are within yourself if you need to make yourself feel superior by bagging on someone you do not even know. Just go and bathe, I am tired of seeing your filthy presence on various forums, dirty trolls!!)

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2 Responses to “Congratulations to Ammana!!”
  1. Its a cool tabard! awesome effort.. – and I just voted down the naysayers..

    pugnaciouspriests last blog post..I am “BEEP” and I have a Wow Blog.

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  2. yes i am slow in getting around to checking out different blogs and stuff.. but alex hijacked my pc so no wow for me until SSC is done.. i have nothing better to do. ^_^ thank you for the encouragment! you rock!!
    p.s. i will start you moogle soon:P

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