One thing which I often find both amazing and interesting about the World of Warcraft community is that it is in a constant state of flux. It never really stays the same – people come to and leave the game, guilds change and develop, new blogs crop up and old blogs take their graceful exit from the scene. It is really interesting to meet the people who write these blogs and find out the different perspectives that they have. I think it is this change which is what keeps our game so interesting in some ways – I definitely play for the social aspect, as I have oft stated, and I enjoy the relationships that are built up throughout the community. I don’t log on each day to grind some gold, or conquer an instance, or farm any gear. I log on to chat to my friends, and find out how they are going, especially in their real lives. Yes, I care that a friend has been kept up all night with a sick child, or if it is nearly their birthday and they have planned something special.

Anyway, this has gone somewhat off topic at the moment. So back to my focus! Even the most hardcore of us do have difficulty overcoming the social aspect of the game. My now infamous friend Kalfurion was considering leaving our guild and joining a guild which is much further along in terms of progression. As you no doubt now know, my guild has hit a point of stagnation (for lack of a better term) due to summer – Darn you people and your real lives! – and some other essentially unidentifiable factors. He had gone so far as to have a couple of trial runs with them (in Sunwell, can you believe it?), and they sounded pretty interested in what he had to offer.

Monday rolled around, and that was the crunch day. The raids he participated in before were on days which Arcis does not raid, so there was no real conflict. Mondays however ARE an Arcis raid day, and the other guild (I enjoy saying it like that, it’s almost like ‘the other woman’) wanted him to come to Black Temple. I said to him, quite frankly “Well, you need to talk to the officers about this before then. They really will not be impressed about you skipping a raid day to go off with some other guild” (and I got to throw in all sorts of other things, including “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”). He hummed and hawwed over it for a bit, finally decided that he was going to go and join the other guild, and prepared to let our officers know.

Well, best laid plans and all that… when he was telling them, the GM got fairly upset over it (as you would). Kalf is considered to be one of the more central members of our guild (imo), despite his lack of attendance and such recently. It is always a blow when a friend leaves a guild. Then, what do you know, Kalf got himself upset as well. I can’t really laugh at this (this IS the girl who cried – about 5 times – when she left her old guild), and he didn’t cry or anything. This horrible feeling though was enough to convince him to change his mind and stay with Arcis.

This, my friends, is the power of the social aspect of WoW.

Other random stuff to whack in under social aspects!

There is a new healer community abounding – Plus Heal (not Plush Eel… I always manage to read everything wrong!)

Guided by some of the best healers in the blogosphere (so, rest assured, I have nothing to do with it!) including Siha, Matticus, Phae, Auzara and Lume (and heaven knows who else I forgot!), Plus Heal provides all healing classes with a place to discuss the fine art of healing.

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6 Responses to “But you gotta have friends!”
  1. Kalfurion says:

    What can I say, underneath all my awesomeness and uber heals, there is a soft sensitive, lovable guy.

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  2. hahaha, if that’s what you what to think, then go right ahead :)

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  3. Sheesh I need to learn to type – want to think darn it!

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  4. Hey thanks for spreading the good word!

    And Kalf I’m glad you decided to stay. Lots of guilds are stagnating with summer schedules and “pre-expansion” burn out but they’ll pick back up before too long and be stronger for it. In the end, you’ll be happier wiping with friends than blowing the content out of the water with people you don’t enjoy as much.

    Auzaras last blog post..Portrait of an Online Leader: Syndera of Collateral Damage

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  5. I agree with you 100% there Auz. No worries about the link – I checked it out and it looked great, otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have linked it!

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  6. This is part of the reason why I don’t want to leave my guild to go off to raid. It’d be weird to one day find guild chat to be populated with a different set of people. good thing there are several guilds who are willing to put me on bench raid spots as I found out.

    Loronars last blog post..Allow Me to Clarify

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