So, I know that I usually don’t write about guild leadership stuff. Wouldn’t really make sense, since I am not a GM, after all! However, I heard some great stuff today which I think applies just as well to guilds as it does to schools. Oh, yes, if you didn’t know today was my very first day of my internship (scary stuff!), which is where I stole all this from. Funny how school applies to EVERYTHING! I try to tell the kids that, but they never believe me.

1. You should always aim for value-adding.

Value Adding is the latest catch phrase on the educational landscape, I swear. It simply means that people are continually learning and improving – you are adding value to their abilities. In the schooling context, we measure this by student marks – if a student’s marks improve as they go through school, then we have added value to their education.

This means that there is no settling for second best. Sure, you may recruit someone who isn’t the best at their job. You train them, teach them, and they improve. Does this mean that we can stop? Heck no! Even the highest achievers have some room for improvement. Sure, it may not be in their DPS, or their crowd control. Perhaps they would be a valuable addition to a leadership team, or just need a little nudge in their intrapersonal skills. There is always somewhere that we can ‘add value’ and increase their achievement.

2. There is no such thing as ‘best practice’. Always aim for ‘better practice’

This relates to the point above. Continually assess what you are doing, and actively look for room for improvement. I seriously doubt that everyone could be perfect, 100% of the time. Learn your flaws, and work on them. Don’t be too embarrassed to discuss them with others, whether it be to look for solutions, or to share your solutions .

3. The loud kid in the class is not necessarily the best kid in the class

This is something that lots of early teachers can fall into the trap of. The kid who answers every question? Who occasionally puts down the other kids about their answers? Well, he isn’t necessarily the brightest kid in the class! Many times the quiet, unassuming kid is. Or your average, answer a couple of questions, get distracted a little bit kid is. The same thing applies to guilds. All too often guilds promote the most vocal members, thinking that their constant chatter means that they are the most knowledgeable members of the guild, or the most suited to raid leadership.

However, these people aren’t always the best for the job. Sometimes they are, sure, but most times they aren’t. They can come across as brash, occasionally obnoxious, and sometimes forget to mash the tact button before they speak. Pretty much like one of those kids in the classroom. When they are like this, they make other guild members feel at best uncomfortable, and at worst completely insecure in their own abilities. Never a good thing for a guild as a whole!

4. Feedback is good. Meaningful feedback is godly.

Just like when a kid brings home a report card from school, your guild members need feedback. Occasionally, report cards can use a lot of words to say very little at all. Our feedback to guild members can be much the same: “you have to improve” without specifying what is wrong, or “you are doing well!” without saying what is great about that player. Tell people why you think these things!

5. Praise, then criticise, then praise.

The fair criticism sandwich should always have some form of praise as bread, to make the nasty tasting criticism go down a little easier. People tend to have difficulty accepting criticism, no matter how fair it is, if you don’t praise them as well. Human nature is a pain in the derriere!

So, these are the five lessons I brought home from school today for you. Aren’t you glad I am a good teacher?

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  1. lol…

    Well,s to start with, great post… great ideas…

    But that photo… maybe a bit Ozzie-centric, but it made me laugh no end.

    gnomeaggedons last blog post..Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 2. Guiding your twink around the world.

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  2. Well… I figured if the Americans didn’t know who he was, they had better hurry up and find out, since he expressed some interest in heading there! Osama is nothing compared to Corey! As for the Canadians… well, yeah, they won’t much care (or anyone else not from the US or Oz, come to think of it).

    But thanks for the compliment… like I said, the ideas weren’t exactly mine… I just appropriated them! :D

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